What's the point?

you rely on Wikipedia information. i wouldn’t , maybe just a bit.

Unfortunately, this is not really true, as nowadays, many banks actually FORCE you to use their app or otherwise you can’t login to your online banking. You could stop using online banking at all of course, but I don’t think this is a practical solution or even possible


I don’t think the intention is malicious, it’s also mainly because mobile OS like iOS and Android are more modern and secure.

In France, it’s mostly the ‘neo-banks’ that use exclusively the application, the traditional banks allow a web access with a double authentication with application or by SMS. I would prefer to use TOTP but my bank does not offer it.

The most annoying thing is that most of the applications are dependent on GMS when they don’t really need it.

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Now I’m curious. Are you willing to share the information (and sources) you rely on? :joy:


In your post above you have accused another forum member of disrespecting your view and insulting you.

However, at the same time you are doing exactly the same thing to others that you have complained about yourself - even going as far as calling one member:

This is the worst kind of hypocrisy and needs to stop now. If you expect to be treated with respect by others, then you must treat them with respect as well.

As for:

Well, let me answer your question directly.

I have no idea why the Russian Government chose not to license Android support with Aurora.

Unless you were part of the decision process yourself, or you have reliable connections in the Russian Government who have told you the reason, or you can point to a paper or article or document from a confirmed source inside Russia who would know the reason for certain, then you don’t know either.

Your view is no different, valid or invalid, better or worse, right or wrong, than any other forum member on this question - we’re all just speculating. So please now give it a rest and stop telling everyone else that you are right and they are wrong.

As for whether you live in a dictatorship - or not, view Sailfish with Android support as pointless - or not, being forced by your employer to use technology (ios or Android) you don’t want to use - or not, being unable to pay for food in a supermarket with your phone rather than a credit card, debit card or cash - or not, I don’t see how any of your issues here can be solved by this forum.


  • If you don’t see the point of Sailfish with Android - then don’t use it, use another OS
  • If your employer forces you to use technology you don’t want to use - then perhaps consider moving to an employer who doesn’t
  • If you can’t pay for food in a supermarket using anything but your phone - then perhaps change to a shop that accepts cash

I really think its time to move on here - but thank you for your contribution.


To avoid Android having access to your data:

Create a secondary user and put all your data there.
Only switch to the primary user for Android apps.
Until now, I didn’t notice the presence of my data in the few Android apps I use.

Caveat: backup often. Data can be lost.
The cause is probably if you start/stop Android Support and switch user too fast.
I happened only twice to me and not since a long time. I enabled debug symbols on home partition. Not sure it is related but no problems since that.

Warning: Don’t forget to stop Android before switching user or it will “see” everithing in your secondary user.

Using that trick everyday and happy.

Details here

Edit: To be 100% honest: I didn’t make deep research to be sure Android has no access to my data. I only noticed Android apps seeing empty gallery, empty contacts, etc

Also, a softer way to hide things to Android here.


You better catch up with the new reality. Most of all I am concerned not about Russian trolls, but hypocritical western dreamers who supported for years western (US) terror and now turned Ukraine into battle field.
No I do not see myself as a troll, it is the truth, but this truth has nothing to do with the forum and we should keep the forum free of politics, gender or whatever other ideologies.


@GeorgeFulger @Steve_Everett is correct - why do you put forward this question, when you have clear choice from the beginning. Use SFOS without Android for free or buy support. For the second option you have also two options: use it on demand or always.

I really don’t understand the point.

NB: I am reading this only on Sunday

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Yes, no politics here please.
And yes, while Western influence was quite strong in the recent years it’s Russia who started the war by attacking Ukraine and turning it into a battlefield eventually, not Ukraine attacking Russia.


ignoring your eyewatering, disdainfull, laugh, i am sure that you could do your own research and you will find the Truth. if the Truth is what you are searching for … if not, you could continue to live in lie, it’s up to you also…

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obviously politics are closely tied to the matters brought up here. if not than why Jolla chose to cut the afiliation with the Russian government ?

you didn’t read the other posts where i wrote why it isn’t a choice ? i gave you clear examples.

finally someone coming with a practical advice . congrats !!

so far your solution it’s the best i saw on this thread. not sure if it’s working though. maybe we need a programmer to confirm what the software is doing in the backround, and what these parallel profiles are providing for us, privacy or not , because if i understood right, sailfish os is about privacy, which so far, it is not, unless your solution is working…

i see the germans discovered anyone could listen to the mobile phones through the ss7 network. happy taping !

Well, seeing as your posts seem to have now degenerated into just a series of rants against every other poster in this thread I think I will.


Privacy and security are very valid topics for this forum, but the discussion here has spiralled a bit off-topic and become too heated, so I’m afraid I’ve put it in slow mode.

I know people have strong beliefs and generally no one is intending to cause offence, but I’d especially remind everyone to please be agreeable, even when you disagree (I’m not aiming this remark at anyone in particular).


I share your view point, but my origins are in communist country in eastern europe. I see now same happening in western europe. I do not think it is safe to speak freely about those issues. I do not believe in “western democracy” anymore.

Whatever you do or discuss publicly watch out, so that you do not end up like Assange or others.

I think it is a pitty that Jolla dropped relations to Russia, but they should have their reasons. I hope both parties will find their way through this mess and who knows what happens in the future.


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rant ? i really hope you see how condescending , to say the least, your posts are, before throwing with stones in me.
but please forgive me, didn’t know you are so sensitive.

Because Google bought Android. It’s part of Google’s surveillance system, also called surveillance capitalism, where apps have build in trackers in order to get data from consumers. These data are auctioned within a second, traded by brokers and sold fo advertisers. Mostly combined with your search behaviour, so you get personalised ads.
If you want to know what trackers an app has go to Exodus Privacy Reports. This is a voluntary organisation that does reveal trackers.

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