What's the point?

Well, seeing as your posts seem to have now degenerated into just a series of rants against every other poster in this thread I think I will.


Privacy and security are very valid topics for this forum, but the discussion here has spiralled a bit off-topic and become too heated, so I’m afraid I’ve put it in slow mode.

I know people have strong beliefs and generally no one is intending to cause offence, but I’d especially remind everyone to please be agreeable, even when you disagree (I’m not aiming this remark at anyone in particular).


I share your view point, but my origins are in communist country in eastern europe. I see now same happening in western europe. I do not think it is safe to speak freely about those issues. I do not believe in “western democracy” anymore.

Whatever you do or discuss publicly watch out, so that you do not end up like Assange or others.

I think it is a pitty that Jolla dropped relations to Russia, but they should have their reasons. I hope both parties will find their way through this mess and who knows what happens in the future.


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rant ? i really hope you see how condescending , to say the least, your posts are, before throwing with stones in me.
but please forgive me, didn’t know you are so sensitive.

Because Google bought Android. It’s part of Google’s surveillance system, also called surveillance capitalism, where apps have build in trackers in order to get data from consumers. These data are auctioned within a second, traded by brokers and sold fo advertisers. Mostly combined with your search behaviour, so you get personalised ads.
If you want to know what trackers an app has go to Exodus Privacy Reports. This is a voluntary organisation that does reveal trackers.

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My dear Sailors,
keep your souls and data save,
Google has released the kraken!!

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Dude just use google if you have to, or yandex if you can, how is it so complicated? Yandex got the old googol image search where it will find cropped images, now too sjw for googol, cherish what you have as you will end up losing that too, don’t want to support one side or the other? Just turn your back away and go in a woods, life is so much more than a tracking company from east or west

Jeees folks what’s wrong with you?
Google did not buy Android but developed it.
There is Android without Google available (e.g. /e/). This, however, suffers from similar security concerns as SfOS, mainly due to closed firmware and drivers. Thus, there are other projects such as Replicant , Replicant (operating system) - Wikipedia, which focus on these issues but are ironically based on Android most often :sunglasses::joy:

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They sure did. In 2005.

(Sorry for being pedantic :wink: )

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To insist on facts is not pedantic

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To mention this fact may be. :wink:

Thank you I wasn’t aware of that but always thought Andy Rubin was just some Google developer who invented Android in his spare time!

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In denmark, all banks require the use of an iOS/Android National Identity app to access banks and all government services. This is all encompassing in its scope and design. This is the second and far more pervasive version of the National Identity App.


We are way past the point where we have a say in this matter. On the other hand, we have online banking that is more secure and residents and citizens can interact with the government online.

The app will still send info by using integrated, deeper system services, even without gplayservices, to the web. I don’t have my android phone with me now, but a tcpdump shows proof.
And then, there is still the baseband

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You have the same android settings in SfOS as well (I mentioned that above). It’s probably even more effective to test if these settings work on a Sailfish phone since you can focus on what the Android container does easily…

And, regarding the baseband - this remains the same when installing SfOS, thus attacks through this route are always feasible except for open hardware devices like e.g. tge GTA04.

There’s none which i’m constantly repeating. Hence why i don’t have AD and not just because I’m using unofficial ports

As I wrote, none of the settings or permissions address those built-in trackers. Plus, as @apozaf wrote, even completely turning off Internet access for an app won’t really do much, because sending out those tracking/telemetry data takes place on a lower level, i.e. not by the applicatiobn itself but through various APIs, SDKs and services that it uses for that purpose - both Google (e.g. GMS, Crashlytics, Google ads, Firebase, and plethora of others) and 3rd party ones.

Do you have a proof of concept or can you cite trustworthy sources?
Thank you!


As I wrote already thrice, confirming that such tracking/telemetry activities are massively present in lots of Android apps is as simple as downloading APK Editor Studio or similar tool, opening in it an APK of your interest and SEEING YOURSELF what’s defined in its AndroidManifest.xml file.

So why don’t you just do it if you need a proof. And then check yourself if there’s any setting or permission you’re talking about that really covers such activity and is able to block it. This way you’ll have your very own proof. Rather than just repeating like a mantra that “there are settings for that” without ever giving any factual information about that.

I’ve got my own experiences with many such apps and I said what I know. If you don’t believe it, then look up relevant information yourself. I am definitely not going to spend time on convincing you or hunting for sources that you may or may not consider “trustworthy enough”.

That you believe that such nasty activities of Android apps can be blocked with a simple per-app Android setting is actually a problem of your privacy and not mine.