What is Special About $HOME?

I’ve noticed a few times that there’s some kind of write protection on home directory. For example:

  • when downloading a file, the directory selector dialog pops up, and if you select /home/defaultuser, nothing gets downloaded, but if you select any directory within /home/defaultuser, it’s fine
  • when using certain 3rd-party apps/programs, it will give r/w access error for a file in ~, but work fine if it’s in ~/Downloads, etc.

What’s that all about?

SailJail’ed apps are not allowed to access it, that’s all.
Only specific sub-directories are allowed/allowable.


Any idea what the point is? Which directories, (how can you tell)?

Also, I guess you can disable sailjail via desktop file, but what about a cli program? Any command mod you can type to bypass?

Full arbitrary filesystem access could be a really bad idea.
Obvious examples: .bashrc, .ssh/*

Just read up on SailJail.

CLI programs are not affected.

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I’m testing Pepper editor - https://github.com/vamolessa/pepper - and works great, bit won’t save anything in ~…

Same with running install script from fzf git-cloned directory, (permission denied).

Seems like the cli stuff is just as restricted for me

About text editors,
I moved my post there, as it is probably related to Sailjail.

There was a tIde update - it’s better, and working fine…


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Thanks for sharing that Tide works. gonna install asap.
About pepper, did you compile it specially for SF?

Used cargo…