What is a "Clock Alarm"?

What is a “Clock Alarm”, as opposed to the regular alarms, that i assume are “Alarm Clock Alarms” if spelled out completely… Anything to do with timers, or where do they come from?


Perhaps we need more context to your question - where are you seeing this exactly? If it is related to the sound/tone configuration, I would guess that “Clock Alarm” refers to the Clock application’s Alarm’s Tone.

They are both basically right next to each other in the alarm-ui.ts:

So not related to sound configuration i don’t believe… but even so, if both were in the sound config, would there be an obvious difference that i’m not seeing?

You’re right… it’s very confusing, perhaps we need a bit more context to this. “Snoozed clock alarms” is certainly not a thing.
At least I haven’t seen either of those in the phone UI yet.

Thanks for your question.

I’ve added explanations to Content instructions meta-language.
This basically talks about the new notifications category section in Events view, that handles ongoing snoozed alarms (for clocks as well as for calendar events).



Now i just need to rack my brain for a term that describes this.
I think calling calendar reminders “alarms” will be confusing (maybe even more so in Swedish than in English). I see that calling it notifications is too vague in the other direction. Hmmm.

For french I went for something corresponding to “Repeated alarm”.

Such calendar reminders will appear under “Missed calendar alarms” instead of “Snoozed alarms”.
That is a long-existing term: https://translate.sailfishos.org/sv/jolla-alarm-ui/translate/#unit=497113

Maybe this is a “me” problem, but i just got even more confused.

I thought i understood “alarms” to be a new meta-category of “clock alarms” and “calendar alarms” (which should be reminders IMO), but now you say it isn’t? What is it then?

If it was as i understood it, grouping things where alarms have been translated differently under one heading would be hard.

Calendar event reminders are not clocks, so they will appear under “Missed calendar alarms” category just like in the past, but now they will have the “Dismiss snooze” button.


I still can’t wrap my head around this, was hoping to catch you on IRC. I’ll have to wait and see.

In the next release Events view notifications will become expandable.

Let’s setup a calendar event Late dinner, and set its reminder (e.g. 5mins before).

When the phone alerts you that event is about to start, you can choose to snooze that notification (or just swipe from the side – equivalent).

After a while in the Events view you get a notification:

In 3.4.0 (and earlier versions) you had:

Missed calendar alarms
 Late dinner (7m ago)

In the next SFOS release, this item will become expandable (note the +):

Missed calendar alarms
 Late dinner (7m ago)               +

When you tap the + sign, it will expand to:

Missed calendar alarms
 Late dinner (7m ago)               -
                       Dismiss snooze

Dismiss snooze is a button, after tapping it, that calendar event will not send you repeating reminders anymore (yay:)

Snoozed clock alarms will have a completely new category, with items that also expand:

Snoozed alarms
 Pizza ready (10m ago)               -

Dismiss button will stop a snoozed alarm from bugging you again.

Hope this helps:)


Looks great, good imptovement!
But where in this is “clock alarm”, i just see plain “alarm” here?
Alternatively, why are alarm clock alarms called both things, and is the distinction important somehow?

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Yes, really nice improvement.
But tbh I also do not get these distinction of ‘alarm’, ‘clock alarm’.

From your explanations my guess goes like:
alarms are in fact calendar reminders (and/or other alarms?)
clock alarms are normal ‘wake-up’/clock alarms

As I explained in the “Content instructions” meta-language, “Snoozed clock alarm” will be shown instead of “Pizza ready” in the example above, if the clock alarm that you created has an empty name (or it consists only of white space).

“Missed clock alarm” follows the same logic and it has been in the OS since a long time already,

“Snoozed alarms” implies “clock alarms”, because it will have the alarm bell icon in front of it.

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Okay, now i get it, sorry for being so thick.
Seems i failed to parse the content instruction the first time.
Then i thought it had gotten lost, so i couldn’t stare at them more - turns out you have to be logged in to see them.

Unnamed alarms get the name “clock alarm” (plus some prefixes in different contexts), got it.


@sledges Thanks for explanation.

I have one quetion:
Why for Calendar you used “Dismiss snooze” but for Alarms “Dismiss”?
I think you should use “Dismiss” for both.
“Dismiss snooze” not fit in the button, it’s too long.

Because calendar event reminder alarm repeaters expire after several attempts, and “Dismiss snooze” button disappears altogether, but the missed calendar alarm notification remains for the duration of the event.
So if it was only “Dismiss”, it would mislead that a user would dismiss the whole notification, not the snooze only.
If it doesn’t fit, then unfortunately a shorter translation needs to appear, but I understand it’s not always possible.

@sledges even orginal English by Jolla doesn’t fit.

It fits on Xperia 10 and XA2. Are you using Xperia X ?