Webbrowser showing light gray Line in Landscape on Youtube

HARDWARE: Sony Xperia X Compact (Licensed with g7-Spoofing-Patch)


When using Youtube with the Jolla-Webbrowser it shows a light gray line at first Pixel-Row in Landscape-Mode, which is specially in Fullscreen annoying.


  1. Start Webbrowser
  2. Hold Device in Landscape Mode
  3. Start Youtube and watch a Video (in Fullscreen)


No light gray Line showing


It shows a light gray Line in first Pixel-Row


Vanilla SailfishOS with G7-Patch (X Compact is spoofed as Xperia X)


Light gray Line showing in Landscape (show Screenshot at 100%, click to enlarge)

No light gray Line showing in Portrait:

I can’t reproduce on my X10 II. I’ll try later with other devices.

Also can’t reproduce with X10 III or X10


Its only when rotating the phone to the left, when the buttons direction is on top then.

When rotating the phone to the right, the line doesnt appear. But the the buttons directions are on bottom and this cant be right because the buttons were accidential pressed.

On my XA2-Spare SailfishOS this Line isnt there.

My conclusions:

  • Maybe this is caused by the Resolution 1280 x 720?
  • Maybe the g7 Patch cause this, because the Xperia X has FullHD (1920 x 1080) Display and the patch Spoofing the X Compact as X in order to run with the official Build

I have just tried with my X and have not been able to reproduce it. Ideally, someone with the same configuration as yours should be able to reproduce it.

On Xa2 SFOS 4.4 I see a part of YouTube website when the video player is in landscape mode.

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If I understand correctly this is most likely an issue caused by the X Compact port. If that’s the case, then I would imagine that it’s unlikely to be something that can be given priority unfortunately. Please say if I’m misunderstanding though.

It do not seem to be a Port for me because I bought the original Sony Xperia X-License and the Sony X Compact is like the little brother of the X, there are only some small differences (720p Display Resolution…etc). So the g7-Patch did resolve those small Difference to be able to run that official X-Image on it.

And it runs rock solid on it.

Im my eyes this is a very little Bug which have not high priority to fix and maybe related to the Webbrowser and not to SailfishOS in general.