Weather Display on Events Screen Constantly Loses Network Connection

REGRESSION: Not relevant for Xperia 10 III as first release; Previous releases and previous phones (e.g. XA2) did not have this problem.


The weather display at the top of the Events screen stops updating with either ‘No Network’ where the ‘Foreca’ label is, or a constantly rotating circle when you click on the weather display to toggle it from the week view to day view.

When this occurs, no other Sailfish app is affected by a loss of network connectivity - you can continue to browse the web on the stock browser, receive emails, send Fernschreiber telegram messages, etc.

Re-booting the phone or restarting the network subsystem using Settings/Utilities restores the connection to the weather display until the next time it fails.

This situation occurs on both wifi and mobile data and it seems to make no difference whether Mobile settings are set to ipv4 or dual.

It is not known when the connection actually fails - it could fail much earlier than when you try to toggle the display as it is not easy to determine whether the weather display has automatically updated or not just by looking at it.


Weather display on the events screen


  1. Tap on the Events Screen weather display to toggle it from week view to day view or vice versa
  2. See ‘No Network’ or continuously rotating circle indicating it is trying to update


Weather display sucessfully toggles and/or shows updated current weather position


Weather display not updated due to loss of network connectivity


None - Newly flashed Xperia X10 III - stock setup with no patches or modifications. Sailfish X Android support installed and operational. VoLTE not enabled.


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With which connection does it happen? When the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi? Mobile Network?

Either, as I said in the bug report. It doesn’t seem to make any difference. Other apps, either native or Android, don’t seem to be affected by loss of connectivity when this happens.

Oh my bad. Sorry I didn’t read correctly. Thank you for your message!

I’ve recently noticed this on my Xperia 10 II on , as I have no SIM, this is WiFi only. It’s usually quite quick to reconnect though.

Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. You start questioning your own sanity when, after reporting a bug, you get a chorus of ‘I don’t have this problem or any other problem on SFOS’ :laughing:

I noticed that on Xperia 10 too.

Personally, i do have very bad connection using Wifi. Using 4G is much better and avoid such issue

Which device are you using?

Xperia 10 iii (not enough character )

I have fibre optic and am sat in the same room as my router. Everything, including my 1 dozen Sonoff switches, my laptop and 2 x Jolla1’s are flying on wifi, so is my Xperia 10 II but I still see no connection in weather on events.

I have disabled Wi-Fi and saw the message No network. Tap to retry. Once I opened a new web page, I opened the Event View again and the message disappeared.

I checked and Android App Support still had Internet access.

Thanks @Steve_Everett for flagging this up, and to everyone for the following useful discussion. I’ve recorded this internally and have tagged it as “tracked”. If there’s further info to share to share I’ll do my best to report it back here.


I’ve just overseen this thread. Same problem with the weather widget.

Thanks for the report @playforvoices.

We’ve made some changes to try to help with this issue, which should make it in to the next release.

If you and others are able to test this again after the next release, and feedback your experiences here, that would be very useful.

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I do have this problem now, strangely enough not last year when it was an issue for others.

On x10ii,, today’s weather is there, but the next row with coming days is not, and the circle keeps revolving.

Opening the app, the days are all there properly.

NL location, UK language, both WiFi and mobile networks

After a phone reboot i also got this prroblem now, and cant get it working again. Xpeeria III with
Testing different settings whit sim2 active /disabled or wifi on / off or reebooting the phone cany get weathet app working again

I still have the problem too, even with the latest .21 release.

Updated to .21 using an X10iii worked at first, weather’s always saying 20 degrees with no network, unable to delete the app. Everything else works without issue.

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Xperia 10 III, lang: italian, vers. OS
Same problem, everything works, 4G network, wifi, gps, android app, etc however wether app no, it says it can’t connect. OS installed from scratch three days ago