VoLTE support in SailfishOS?

Any news on VoLTE support for XA2? Is it even possible in general? For now I have to stop using Sailfish altogether, because T-Mobile makes VoLTE mandatory from July.

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ok, got an Xperia 10 III. VoLTE on T-Mobile USA works just fine.
i was able to get 3Mbps download (normal LTE speed in my area) while maintaining a voice call.

however, there are mobile network internet issues that are quite annoying. IPv6 issues seem to account for most of them, and workarounds make it tolerable so far.

ALSO; i tried an already activated T-Mobile 5G simcard, and it was able to make calls and send texts without T-Mobile blacklisting it. i didn’t verify VoLTE on the new simcard, but i have no reason to think it would not work just fine


Does 10 III even work with T-Mobile with normal speeds? I thought it has EU bands only and you need 5 III for normal operation.

that is correct. there is no band 12 in xperia 10 iii, but there is no VoLTE on anything else yet.
however, i have great cell reception now (on VoLTE, my 3G has been getting increasingly bad) and okay-ish mobile internet (2-6mpbs)

For now I’m using 5 III without Sailfish. May be they’ll add support for it eventually.

Nothing official yet. My impression is that X10III will be sorted out first, then the other models will get considered.


In metropolitan areas speeds have been reasonable on T-Mobile. Performance and coverage in rural, semi-rural, suburban is slow and can be very spotty. This is because these areas are primarily served by band 12. Indoor performance is also poor, but I would expect in most cases indoor performance can be offset with wifi (except for calls).

I am doubtful VoLTE will be difficult to enable on the 10 II now that the bindings exist in Ofono. Officially I know nothing, but I would expect 10 II to come soon after the 10 III is considered stable and out of beta. That’s my guess.

That’s another reason why wifi-calling would be mandatory…

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Agreed on wifi calling. I think the US market really would be best served by VoLTE on the 10 II, 1 II, 5 II, 1 III or 5 III. In all honesty it may even be possible to enable on the XA2 down the road for those who can get their carriers to whitelist their IMEI. The 10 III isn’t a bad phone, but it’s not at all suited for the US market.

Enabler for VoLTE on 10 ii accepted yesterday in the repo : https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-config-sony-seine/pull/55


Here in the US, that is the best news I’ve heard in quite some time.

I mean, it’s been informative testing out a bazillion FOSS-ish OSs on the it’s-come-a-long-way-but-still-pretty-rough-yet pinephone since 3g disappeared . . . but it’s not good for domestic tranquility when I can’t reliably get calls from my wife.

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call quality has been AWFUL on T-Mobile in the USA, and getting worse, for the last 10 months or so, until i got my Xperia 10 III.
with VoLTE, even without band 12, i’ve had excellent coverage + call quality in my suburban area.