VoLTE on Xperia 10 II

When activating VoLTE on Xperia 10 II, registers ok. But when the incoming call is trying to reach the number the connections drops completely.
If the VoLTE is disabled, incoming calls work correctly.

This does not happen on Android with the same carrier and the same situation.









Hi. What carrier do you have? Can you provide ofono logs, during the time when it happens?

as root just execute:

journalctl  -u ofono > /tmp/ofono.log

Can you also fill in the remaining fields of the template? Information like os version might help in the future. Also please add the carrier info to your first post as well.

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last version available of the OS. Sony XPERIA 10 II. Vodafone Spain.

Do you still have this problem? Can you supply carrier logs like karry suggested?

Do you still have this problem? Otherwise I would suggest to close this issue to keep the bug reports clean.

Sure. The issue continues.

Sorry, I do not really understand your bug report.

When you activate VoLTE and someone is calling you, the connection is dropped before it rings?

Can you collect and provide logs of this situation like karry suggested?
Also please tell us which os version you used when you collected the logs.

Don’t worry, close the issue. The laziness always finds an argument.

Maybe you might want to elaborate on that?
People here are helping you voluntarily.

But this forum is administered by jolla or the community?
Because the updates and software of SailfishOS are delivered by Jolla. So the responsibility of delivering patches, updates and solving bugs is a job of Jolla.

You are wrong. As far as you wrote an this site address you are aware that this is .org site. Should you you are going to complain Jolla go for Jolla support site. As mentioned before Sailfish forum is supported volunteered only.


A persistent bug is not relevant to you?

It’sa beta, eventually, therefore bugs are expected.

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So it is obvious that closing a bug that is already there would be a bad decision.

No se.
Maybe non-beta bugs have priority? I’m pretty sure looking into your issues would have been much easier if you would have filed a proper bug report and if you would have complained a little less loudly. SfOS is a pretty small project, but I’m pretty sure if your issue is reproduceable someone will have a look into it.


The issue reported in this post is real and valid. However, it is difficult to tackle without proper logs.
Furthermore, there seems to be a duplicate of the same issue in this post.

Therefore, I am closing this bug report now.