VNC Client for 10iii

Hey all,
unfortunally my 10 Compact get broken, so I had to switch to a new phone. I decided for the 10iii because of the outlook of a long support.
On my X Compact I had installed a VNC Viewer from store; it worked fine for me for the last years. On the 10iii I cannot find it anymore, I think because of the 64bit architecture. I have searched in Chum and Storeman but I could not find anything.
Has anyone of you a working VNC Client on the 10iii and would share his/her solution?
Thanks in advance and best regards,
btw.: Installation went very smooth without any problems. Even the Backup-File of my old X Compact could be read → Thanks Jolla!!!

Any hint is welcome :slight_smile:
In Storeman there is LibVNCServer, but I am affraid it will not work standalone…?

Do you remember the exact app name from Store? It would help searching for the app.

In Store I see app VNC Screen and in GitHub in releases there are rpms (including aarch64).

VNC Screen is exactly the App I was using on my X10 compact. I cant find it anymore in Store on X10 iii.
@Kuba77: I assume your Screenshot is not made on a 10iii?
Just out of curiosity: if there is an rpm on github for aarch64, why am I not able to find it in any Store on the phone?

It isn’t made on 10iii, I’m using Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus with 32 bit SFOS that’s probably why I see it in Store.

The rpm for aarch64 as linked by Kuba worked for me, thank you specially but also the other users for help!
Just one question left: how can I tag this as solved?

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You can’t because it’s not a bug report. I’m going to see if the author will permit it being pushed to chum.


I’m testing from Show home:poetaster:vnc / harbour-vncscreen - SailfishOS Open Build Service and could use feedback if this build works.

Just installed the linked build and it works fine for me on the 10iii.

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Thank you! I’ll push it to chum.