VNC Client for 10iii

Hey all,
unfortunally my 10 Compact get broken, so I had to switch to a new phone. I decided for the 10iii because of the outlook of a long support.
On my X Compact I had installed a VNC Viewer from store; it worked fine for me for the last years. On the 10iii I cannot find it anymore, I think because of the 64bit architecture. I have searched in Chum and Storeman but I could not find anything.
Has anyone of you a working VNC Client on the 10iii and would share his/her solution?
Thanks in advance and best regards,
btw.: Installation went very smooth without any problems. Even the Backup-File of my old X Compact could be read → Thanks Jolla!!!

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Any hint is welcome :slight_smile:
In Storeman there is LibVNCServer, but I am affraid it will not work standalone…?

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Do you remember the exact app name from Store? It would help searching for the app.

In Store I see app VNC Screen and in GitHub in releases there are rpms (including aarch64).

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VNC Screen is exactly the App I was using on my X10 compact. I cant find it anymore in Store on X10 iii.
@Kuba77: I assume your Screenshot is not made on a 10iii?
Just out of curiosity: if there is an rpm on github for aarch64, why am I not able to find it in any Store on the phone?

It isn’t made on 10iii, I’m using Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus with 32 bit SFOS that’s probably why I see it in Store.

The rpm for aarch64 as linked by Kuba worked for me, thank you specially but also the other users for help!
Just one question left: how can I tag this as solved?

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You can’t because it’s not a bug report. I’m going to see if the author will permit it being pushed to chum.


I’m testing from Show home:poetaster:vnc / harbour-vncscreen - SailfishOS Open Build Service and could use feedback if this build works.

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Just installed the linked build and it works fine for me on the 10iii.

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Thank you! I’ll push it to chum.

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Would this VNC client also be available for Gemini PDA? or will it only be available for 10iii ?

I think this is a question to poetaster. As far as I can see, he did not change the app itself but made it work on a 64bit device like the 10iii.
btw.: I installed it directly from the link above, but I can not see it in chum:

Have I anything to change?

And another little thing: the history does not work anymore. I tried starting from terminal and in this way the history works, so I think its the sailjail issue.
@poetaster: I would like to learn how to correct things like that. In case you have motivation to fix that, I would be happy, if you could describe the things here. Maybe this could be a good starting point for me the give something back to the community and try to maintain some simple apps :slight_smile:

I had not yet pushed it to chum since I was hoping to get feedback from the original author. It’s still in stasis but built at: Show home:poetaster:vnc - SailfishOS Open Build Service

If you clone my version of the repo and make changes I’ll merge them and push them to the repo. EDIT:

But I don’t currently have time to test, so that would be up to you.

First I’ll push my version to chum testing and get that ball rolling.

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Ok, I will just try this arm version :slight_smile: State of Repository sailfish_latest_armv7hl for home:poetaster:vnc / harbour-vncscreen - SailfishOS Open Build Service

Will update with a status once I get time to test it out

should show up in chum proper, tomorrow!

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I could download the arm binaries and run it on gemini, but not connect to VNC server. Will try again with the chum version when it becomes available.

It is already in chum, I tried with same result - I am guessing I need to manually get all the dependencies listed here: Detailed Information About harbour-vncscreen-0.3-1.4.1.jolla.armv7hl.rpm - SailfishOS Open Build Service

will take a deeper dive at a later time

I got the andriod version of VNC Connect’s viewer working on a Sony X. VNC Connect’s viewer is free to use and can connect to other vnc servers. Appreciate it might not be quite what you are looking for, but might do a job for you.

Video about it here, which wasn’t about Sailfish, but all the same the demo used Sailfish with vnc connect, Access your PC or laptop anywhere using your phone - YouTube

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