VCF Import fails Sony XPERIA XA2 Sailfish OS

Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII with about 400 contacts. I have saved my contacts as a contact file “ALL.vcf” on my PC and loaded it on the Sony XPERIA XA2. When I want to import the contacts comes as an error in German: Page could not be loaded.

on the instructions from Jolla I could not discover anything.
What is the problem?

If you are on SFOS 4, folder/location matters. I had to put it in Downloads. Your case?

I put it in downloads. The error message remains.

Lots of us have been here before. Take a look at "all.vcf" incomplete!?

Thanks for your answer. I found a solution. I copied the all.vcf file to the memory card. There I only need to click on it in the file manager and it was imported cleanly.

But I have a next problem. All birthdays from my contacts are not shown in the calendar.


Quite strange, hum?
But nice finding that it works from SD card!?

Regarding the birthdays, known bug, may get solved in a few months in next OS release?