Using a Sailfish device as a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse


I have a Planet Computers Gemini with Sailfish loaded as the only OS.

Has anyone considered developing a Sailfish application similar to the following Android app?

It effectively turns your phone/tablet into a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that can be used with any Windows/Mac/Linux system.

As the Gemini has a physical keyboard, this would be a rather nice app to run on it.

Unfortunately, the Gemini version of Sailfish does not support using Android apps, so we would need a native Sailfish version of the aforementioned Android app.



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Davlik does not support direct bluetooth access which is needed for something like that:

I would like to see an App like that!

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Good idea, I like it, e.g. for using the Sailfish phone as a BT keyboard for a Raspberry PI, or in general, to always have a BT keyboard in the handbag/pocket.

I use SailfishConnect for this Purpose:


Unfortunately it seems it is not using BT.

Such an app existed for Maemo: Bluemaemo - wiki

A similar topic has been discussed on TJC: Would it be possible to use my phone as a touchpad? -

I remember myself trying (unsuccessfully) to implement such an app. I failed due to the lack of accessability of the lower level Bluetooth profiles.
Meanwhile many things have changed on the Sailfish Bluetooth stack. But I can’t tell if it would be technically possible.

Personally I do not have the time to hack around.

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Well Maemo had Bluez4 and Sailfish has Bluez5

Don’t confuse Bluez with Bluetooth.

Thanks - I just tried this and unfortunately it only allows me to use the on-screen keyboard and not the physical keyboard on my Gemini.