Use fingerprint sensor to unlock apps - how?

I started using the paid version of SFOS on an Xperia XA2 just a few days ago. I want it to replace Android, provided all essential apps are working for me. Most things are looking fine so far, except one thing that I was unable to get working: Three of my favourite Android apps (banking, password manager) support unlocking with the fingerprint sensor when installed on pure Android (LineageOS, to be precise), but apparently not when installed on SFOS using the Android app compatibility layer. Hence my question: Is there a way to get this working? Or am I missing the obvious?

PS: Unlocking the device with the fingerprint sensor does work, just not unlocking said apps.
PPS: I’m new to SFOS, so please bear with me if I’m asking a silly question…

Long-existing problem, see for example:

In short: Doesn’t work (currently)