Banking Apps with SailfishOS

The problem with Sailfishos is that banks distribute their APPS exclusively via Google Play Store. Under Sailfishos you are excluded from some apps, but I have found a solution.
Install Banking Apps etc on SonyXperia2 with SailfishOS – this is easy
You need a 2nd Android smartphone – You install the software “APK Installer by uptodown” from the Playstore. With the program APK Installer you can make a copy of the required apps like Banking APP, … under “Manage Apps”…
Use the file manager to search for “APK” files.Select files and transfer them to SonyXperia2 mobile phone via “share files” via Bluetooth etc… On SonyXperia2 with SailfishOS mobile phone with file manager search for “APK” files and install by clicking and choosing install. BelegCheck App for tranfering Data from cash Register works. Raiffeiesen Banking App with PushTan works under Sailfish OS. It is not possibile to find the apps on other app stores. And i do not want install googleplaystore on sailfishOS

You can download F-Droid for AD. Then you can download Aurora-Store there. This one accesses the original play store sources and provides all the (free) apps from the play store. So no need to download somewhere.


The actual major problem with Home-banking applications is that some of them require a lock screen mechanism for two factor security. Currently, Android settings neither allow to set a screen lock nor recognize the SailfishOS screen lock.
As result of this situation, I need an android device to authorize Home-banking operations.
This behavior was already reported in Together but, as far as I know, Jolla never makes any official statement about this matter.

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What should Jolla say? The reasons are the banks that bind themselves to the Google services or the Apple universe. The system is fail.