USB functions broken 4.4

Am I the only one with an Xperia X with this problem?

Due to broken upgrade, I re-flashed to 4.3 and upgraded to 4.4

The USB port is now permanently in charge mode and no matter what setting I choose for the USB port, it just goes into charging mode.

Worse, I can no longer get the phone into update mode with the USB. Connecting the USB cable while phone is “off” while depressing the up-volume causes the 5 second warning, a white Sony flash screen with the white LED brightly illuminated followed by the phone in charge mode with a lower intensity white LED illuminated.

I can’t even go back to Android now.

I have tried different USB ports on my Mac and different cables. I previously managed to re-flash everything, but subsequently the functionality has disappeared.

Aside from not being able to SSH into the phone, I can no longer load music files to the device. :frowning:

Could be that the charging port has finally given up after this length of time unfortunately:
Link on replacing:

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I guess it’s possible, and indeed likely. But it did re-flash a week or so ago :frowning:

Just updated my F5122 to without any USB connectivity issues, so seems this can be excluded as a cause.

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Oh dear … I watched the video. I have the tools and could certainly buy the part. However I doubt I have the necessary deft touch to do the repair. A trip to the repair shop for a quote, and I’ll decide whether to bin it or not. :frowning:

How is your browser? Is it working? Mine is unusable as it is almost wholly unresponsive to touch inputs, especially text boxes and links. Only up/down scroll is reliable.

I have an F5122 as well