Update SaifishOS version - Not enough system memory

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Update not possible, not enough memory.


Delete Sailfish Apps


  1. Delete
  2. Clean
  3. And so on


Enough system memory


Far from enough system memory. I have only 7 apps left but need 170 MB more memory :sob:
I must reset the XA2 and spend many hours and strain the Jolla server a lot.


Jolla needs to make the system memory bigger or do the update in smaller pages og make an App that can clean and show where it is possible to clean.
As it is now, it’s a little amateurish.


I did some cleaning before updating… I made a backup of all WhatsApp files and deleted them on the phone… Deleted Maps data from HereWeGo… Deleted all downloads from Aurora… etc.

For me the issue when i got this issue was that i had installed too many and too big packages from e.g. mer-tools and official repos. (like devel packages and llvm specifically) The disk usage overview was not much help in getting to this conclusion unfortunately :frowning:

I know coderus mentioned something about using a chroot for messing around like that recently, but i wasn’t aware of the at the time, nor do i think i’d be able to act on that advice now.

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Being aware of the issue, the first thing I did on my XA2 was the procedure described here: https://together.jolla.com/question/156279/installing-system-updates-fails-when-there-is-not-enough-space-in-system-data-partition/

IMO every xperia user should read this https://together.jolla.com/question/222126/guide-installing-sailfish-x-on-xperias/ great guide by @olf.


What exactly does “not enough memory” mean? I have about 640MB free (XA2 Dual). Is there a tool that shows the exact memory usage for each app? What could I delete?

Questions, questions, questions…

I don’t know how many free space is normal for an XA2.

Thank’s for sharing this! That guide is great, because instead of the first link it although covers encrypted devices!

Right, I was not aware of this guide since it was first written after the last time I flashed a new device.

Sorry, I didn’ t meant to be rude or to criticize . Just tried to be helpfull and spread usefull info.

Oh, made I think you, that your behavior was rude? Than I’m sorry, I did not want this.
I want to thank you for this useful link, because I just knew the first guide. But that is not covering the encrypted device (of curse it’s great nevertheless).
My phone is encrypted now, so I’m very happy that you pointed out the second link :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:

I tried to reply to @jameson s post before my previous post. :slightly_smiling_face: I should have used quote too.

I made you think your behaviour was rude? Sorry if I did. I even liked your post.

Sorry, didn’t notice your like. :sweat_smile: Nice to know that. Somehow I interpreted your post that you might feel that way and wanted to make sure what I meant. Now it’s obviously not like that. All is fine then I think.


Depending on SFOS version and device, this may do nothing at all, as these files are NOT stored on the system partition but the home partition.