Update from demo-version to full version

I bought a X2A. It’s running on SF-demo-version. I thought, that there is an easy way to update to the full version. But I only found the difficult procedure of complete SFOS-installation. Is it really the only way?

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You just have to buy a license here: https://shop.jolla.com

And sign in with that account on your device.

Read also this:


was asked a few times before:

To make this shorter: it is NOT necessary.

If your X2A is running on SFOS Demo version, then you are ready with all this difficult things (Flashing). You don’t have to do all this again!!!

Take your credentials for your Jolla account, go to Jolla shop using your computer, buy a licence for your phone. Print the bill and write the login creds for the Jolla account on the paper.

After this, take your phone, go to Settings - accounts and delete the existing Jolla account. Then reboot the device. Then again go to Settings - accounts and create a new Jolla account with the existing credentials you wrote on the paper.

After this, login into the Jolla Store with the phone should be possible again, and there should be Android support available under ‘best apps’, near the top of the list.

Now the IMEI number of the phone is tied to the licence, and you’ve got access to the licenced stuff even after later updating or reflashing the device, that you maybe want to do in future.

I’ve got a slightly different question:

I’ve got a spare “buy one get one free” licence (i.e. actually a 100% discount code for purchase) that I bought in December. It’s valid only until the end of June or so. The plan is to use it on a new phone that I am going to buy soon, but I haven’t yet decided if it’s going to be the 10 Mark III (costly, and of course that only if they start supporting it) or if I go the cheaper 10 Mark II way. In that second case, it may take some time to find a device in a satisfactory technical and visual condition.

Hence the question: if I don’t manage to buy the device before the discount code expiry date, what should I do. Make an ultimate decision about a phone model (as they’re not swichable then) and “buy” the licence (using the 100% discount code) for that model using my Jolla account and just leave it so, until I buy the device? Will I be able to enable the licence on a device bought only a month or two later? In other words, will the licence “wait” on my account until I buy a device for it? And can it be the same account that I already use with other licences for existing devices?

As far as I know, the license is tied to the Jolla account with what you bought it, and is also tied to the phones IMEI number when you do the first login on the jolla account at first use of your new phone.

If the licence is expired, likely step 2 will not work.

Maybe I didn’t express it clearly. It’s not the licence what is going to expire. It’s the promo code (voucher) to obtain the licence that will expire on Jun 30 (or so). Which means that I have to use that code to buy the licence (with 100% discount) prior to that date.

The question is what will happen if I buy that licence but don’t yet have the phone I intend to use the licence on. Will the purchased licence “wait” on my Jolla account until I get the phone and activate it on that phone, e.g. a month or two later?

And if I already have other licences on that account (e.g. for the XA2 Ultra) is it OK to buy yet another licence using that same account, or should I use a separate one? Again, will it just “sit and wait” on that account until I configure it on a phone model (let’s say Xpera 10 III) the licence is for?

I just don’t want to lose that licence, so I’d like to make sure that I can buy it even now and it’ll just wait until I buy the phone for it.

Hopefully this helps, but for users who got the voucher with the intention of getting an Xperia 10 III, since we don’t have a firm release date for this yet, I’ve been told that we will consider a reasonable extension of the voucher in the circumstances. The details are still to be decided, but we’ll share them once they are.


As I know, the licence sits and waits after you bought it . Good that you said now it’s the voucher that expires and not the licence . so I better understand .

I think it’s no problem to buy the licence now and flash a phone later.

In general , you can register two or more phones / licences on 1 Jolla account or have an own account for every phone . For the case you maybe want to sell one of the phones later, it’s better to have an own account for every phone. In case you are 100% sure that you want to keep all phones forever , you can buy the licence and register the new phone on the same account.

Great news, thank you!

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Thank you for your answers! Now a new question: I dated up to Version 4.3 of SFOS with installed whatsapp. Now my camera and my torch does’t work. With version 4.2 everythink was okay. Someone there, who has an answer for this?

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@zeichenmacher, your question is “off topic” for this thread and IIRC already answered in this forum: Please search first and ensure to post at appropriate locations!

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There is a bug in version 4.3, if you are willing to “get-down-and-dirty” :slight_smile: with the terminal there is a solution by @peterleinchen here:

If not version 4.4 is not far away.

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Oh, sorry, I didn’t think about looking for old postings. Next time…

And thanks for the solution.