Unlock code does not work on reboot

OS VERSION: vanha rauma 4.4
HARDWARE: sony xperia xa2 with license
UI LANGUAGE: italian
REGRESSION: don’t know as this is my first time with the xa2


when i reboot my phone, the encryption code does not work, saying that it’s unlocking the phone but the circle it’s spinning indefinitely


just the usual enforced encryption


  1. reboot your phone
  2. enter the encryption code
  3. see the circle spinning indefinitely and the system non booting up


to unlock the system


system does not unlock after entering the encryption code


chum : yes
openrepos : yes


actually everything works fine if i power off and then on again my phone, only the reboot seems to be affected…

can’t say if it’s a regression or not as it’s my first time with the xa2…

How i got it to work : when the circle is spinning indefinitely i press the power button till the phone turns off, then i turn it on again

Is this the same behavior, e.g. as here? Encryption Unlock Hangs At Startup -

If yes, you can prevent this from happening by waiting a few seconds before entering the unlock code

could be but i don’t really know, cause one time i forgot to enter the code (for a minute) and the phone was’nt starting the same…

but it sometimes starting? Or are you completly locked out of the phone?

Maybe related as well: Stuck on spinner after entering security / decryption code - #4 by aerique

Never started after a reboot, i need to turn off the phone and turn it on again

Ah, can you edit your first post and add how exactly you get it to work?


Thanks for the report @247, and @thigg for helping clarify things. I’ve created an internal report about this and tagged it as “tracked”. If there’s any info to share about this in the future, I’ll do my best to post it back here.

Yes i have something new to share, it’s not on a reboot but just random, althought i would say it happened mostly on reboots.
In pergentage is something like :

On reboot 70% of the times
On a cold start 20% of the times

I add this cause last week it happened two times on a cold start

Did you try out @thigg’s suggestion of waiting a couple of seconds before entering the code? If you could try to keep track of that (i.e. note the behaviour of when it does/doesn’t happen based on this) it would be helpful, just to try to narrow down the problem.

One time i forgot to enter the code for a minute, it did not help so i guess we can say i’ve already tried the hint provided but with no luck

Thanks for clarifying @247; that’s useful info.

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