Stuck on spinner after entering security / decryption code

edit: please read my third comment

After rebooting my phone (XA2 Plus) it stays stuck at the spinner after the “Enter security code” screen. This is the screen with the black background for decrypting the home directory.

I am entering the correct code. I’ve checked this by entering an incorrect one, at which point I just get the message “Incorrect security code” and I’ve also checked it by booting from the recovery image at which point one also needs to enter the code.

I do not want to do a factory reset yet. First I want to figure out what is wrong and if it can be fixed.

At the moment I could use some help with Luks because I’m unsuccessful with mounting /dev/mapper/sailfish-home. I have been trying to do this from the recovery shell using Luks guides like these: (and several others). Point is that /dev/mapper/sailfish-home already shows as active with lvm lvdisplay but when I try to mount /dev/mapper/sailfish-home /mnt I get an invalid argument error. (Same for trying to mount /dev/dm-1 or /dev/sailfish/home or when trying different mount points.)

Some things I did to my phone before this incident:

What I also noticed was issues with GPS. It rebooted twice while running Hello Maps and Pure Maps. After that I had GPSInfo running and even after that was closed the location icon in the status bar kept blinking. I also could not retrieve e-mail anymore and then I did the last reboot.

I used due to the WLAN issues mentioned in the install guide: (I flashed it two days ago.)

But for now I’d like to be able to mount /dev/mapper/sailfish-home from recovery and any hints to diagnose what’s going wrong.

Ok, some progress: I can mount sailfish-home now. I just had to do another luksOpen to a different mapping name.

Well, since I could get what I wanted off my home partition I’ve opted for reflashing SFOS on the device.

Still curious about diagnosis though. Couldn’t find any boot logs.

So, I triggered it again and it’s because of installing some packages on the phone using pkcon. I’m not sure which yet but I think QT.

I’m going to try and figure it out by installing them in recovery mode, but I hope it’s because of installing a new packages and not because of upgrading one, because that would diminish my chances of figuring it out.

I also did not keep a detailed log of which packages I installed :frowning:

Also see Installing `mesa-llvmpipe-libGLESv2`causes stuck decryption screen on reboot

I have the same problem.
After Aliendalvik lagged, I restarted the XA2 and I was no longer able to access the phone.
The attempt to get to the recovery console fails with:

#sudo fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img
downloading 'boot.img'...
FAILED (remote: unknown command)
finished. total time: 0.001s

What options are there to access and restore my data?

After buying a USB2.0-Hub, I get access to telnet and recovery. Now I try to repair my phone in terminal.