Too many issues to be usable on Xperia10 II

Trying out SailfishOs on my Xperia10 ( went for the Xmas ‘2 for the price of 1’ offer) and using it as my daily phone into 2022 … I installed LineageOs over it.
It just wasn’t usable, here’s what I encountered.

  1. No noise cancellation during phone calls … people had a hard time listening due to surrounding noise and complained about it.
    On ‘loudspeaker’ the feedback to the mic was horrendous, giving the other side double echos.
  2. Battery life was almost halved compared to previous stock Android and later LineageOs.
  3. Bluetooth doesn’t work properly i.e refuses to be usefull as my carkit.
  4. GPS is slooooow’ on initializing albeit there are some tricks to work around that.
  5. After using the GPS for a while and getting a call ,subsequently either blocks the phone connection and/or the GPS positioning, requiring a hard reboot.
  6. When leaving a WiFi connection a cellular data connection isn’t always activated as it should.
  7. The sound volume when phoning was too low even at maximum setting.

There are more smaller gripes (as well as a few pros too) I wont mention now because beside the point.
Also I’m well aware that my points are practically all hardware related.
IMO SailfishOs shouldn’t have been shipped to a specific product directly in the way that was done with the Xperia10.

  • Not with that many hardware inconsistencies.

It’s the worst PR you can think of in the long run.

As much as I loved my Jolla phones and really willing to jump through some hoops to have SailfishOs running nicely on my Xperia10 … I don’t even have the heart to give away the free 2nd version to any other Xperia10 owner. It’s a recipe for disaster. :slightly_frowning_face:


Duplicate Sony Xperia 10 II Review (a lot of problems) of a Very buggy OS on Xperia 10 II of probably even more.


  • Not all issues are universal
  • Not all issues are wholly within Jolla’s control
  • Most people will not agree with that your specific gripes are severe, let alone critical
  • Unless you are somewhat constructive about it, what do you expect to happen?

Hello triantares - that sounds very frustrated. :zipper_mouth_face: Even if your decision has been made, I would like to take this opportunity to share my experiences with my Christmas move from the Sony Xperia 10 to the 10ii.
Admittedly, at the beginning I wasn’t aware that many SFOS apps weren’t even available on aarch64.But after a few contacts in forums or Telegram I got almost all of them together on OpenRespo and Chum.
Now to my solutions:
First of all, installing MicroG is an important feature, e.g. to get WhatsApp running and a better GPS Start time, and then the second important feature is that you can use ShellEx to save many commands and call them up at any time. With it you can turn up the microphone or the loudspeaker, restart services if something doesn’t work or change various mcetool settings e.g. double tap to wake up and and and.
Now to your topics:
to 1. you can change the volume with ShellEx so that it no longer sounds strange
Regarding 2. My battery lasts a good 3 days when I have WiFi and 2 days without it (I set Sim1 to 4G and Sim2 to 2G). Incidentally, no comparison to the Xperia 10 there only for one day because of the display.
to 3. I could easily connect to my Amazfit GTS and my car, headset, etc. Controlling the mp3 player was also possible after I entered one times following into the terminal: “devel-su … mpris-proxy”
to 4. GPS can be accelerated with settings and for me the init time is OK
to 5. That with the call barring after a phone call is known, but with SIM1 on 4G and Sim2 on 2G it works for me. In the worst case, I run the command “systemctl restart ofono” with ShellEs.
to 6. yes, I have already noticed but I use the app situation and it worked so far for me
to 7. as above ShellEx and “pactl set-sink-volume2 120%” for loudspeakers or “pactl set-source-volume2 120%” for micro.

I don’t want to convince you, I just want to help reduce your anger and maybe come back someday.
Greetings and have a nice weekend …


Maybe not universal, but these issues appear frequently enough to be worth talking about. I experience the exact issues that this user has, I’ve just gotten used to them (which doesn’t mean they should be there). I used to talk a lot on speakerphone, now I don’t. I used Maps on my phone a lot, now I literally use a Garmin GPS because the GPS (not the map app, I really like Pure Maps!!) on Sailfish OS is so bad. I now carry a charger with me always because sometimes my battery lasts for two days, other times it empties in half a day. I don’t use WiFi anymore because it messes up the connection on SFOS. If I’m on a busy street (I live in London), I wait until I get to somewhere quiet to talk on the phone because the volume is so slow. I don’t have issues with bluetooth because I don’t drive or use wireless speakers, but I’m sure that if I tried it out, I’d experience the same.

As you see, I’ve made a bunch of compromises to stay on SFOS, but not many users will do the same. Flashing back Android is just one click away. Jolla should pay attention to this before switching to Xperia 10 III already


Certainly… but separately, and ideally constructively, in their respective bug reports and feature requests. A N:th “these are the things i see as broken” thread doesn’t help anyone.

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he made a decision and told us the reasons. why should he waste the time to create separated issues ?
… which would be then marked as duplicates :smiley:


I have an Xperia 10 II running FREE SFOS, I can’t report any real problems so far. However, I do not have a SIM inserted and also as its the free version, no Android Support.

@triantares, I would certainly make good use of your other voucher if it is still available?

It could be that all these problems are caused by the Android compatibility layer? From what I’ve seen in the forum, those that report these bugs have Android apps installed (such as myself), whereas the ones that say that aren’t experiencing any of these issues tend not to use Android compatibility or have the free version of SFOS. In any case, this would be even more problematic, paying for a product which causes issues to the operating system. Or it might not be related to Android compatibility at all, I’m not that knowledgeable about the inside parts of SFOS.


I’m not angry at all, I’m sorry if I gave that impression and I’m certainly not leaving (if I can find my Pinephone again, that is :laughing: )
I know a few of the solutions and actually found a few myself but typing in ofono related commands in a terminal while driving a car or navigating a ship isn’t an optimal situation in any way.

@diegoc says it exactly as it is. The Xperia10 is my daily phone (as previously my Jollas were) and I need it permanently available for my job.

I would like to compromise as @diegoc does but I cannot, I can’t be talking to my customers and suddenly lose my connection or continually apologize for the bad quality voice connection. Losing a GPS connection while navigating busy intersections is already bad enough.

I’m not reporting bugs as such … I’m explaining why I think these issues should not have been there when offering SFOS for the Xperia10, especially considering that they’re not new.
I’m in fact criticizing the decision to offer SFOS in that fashion and expect (paying) users to jump through these hoops to have a phone that is below par in functionality when compared to other OSes.

  • Bad choices can be considered as bugs/issues too and need being named specifically to get seen to.

If I can make your day doing that, feel free to DM me and we’ll see on how to get that done. At least you know beforehand, what you’re getting into. :smile:


Neither of the linked threads were bug reports, but this is a duplicate all the same.
I am perfectly content with Sailfish OS on my Xperia 10 II, it works basically the same as it ever has (i have had all previous Xperias, Jolla C and the first one). I don’t navigate a lot, but from what i have used, it works decent too. My primary headphones are Bluetooth - i have to reconnect them once every other week or so, that’s about it. I fail to care about battery when it is well over one day, just make a habit of recharging - draining the battery fully only hurts it anyway.

This is not to say there isn’t room for improvement- but unless we are concrete about it, how can we expect anything to happen?

You seem to use Xperia 10 II and Xperia 10 interchangeably, which is it?

It still only reads like “i have these bugs, and i don’t like it”, as those other threads, rather than any more substantial reasoning. Nothing about feasibility or frequency either…

Nah. While i use it sparingly, i have it on all the time.
These guess-rumours tends to grow legs, so please either substantiate or provide reasoning.

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I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to achieve here with your posts.

I’m trying to explain why I think this is hurting SFOS and you’re just on about how this doesn’t affect you or that I’m not concrete enough. Where IMO I am concrete in that I’m not looking to address individual bugs but find the offer damaging to the SFOS reputation, which should never have happened.

If you’d looked at other stuff I’ve posted i.e you could’ve seen that I did share experiences and offer work arounds here on the forums recently … but alas had to conclude it wasn’t to be for my daily use and simply shared that.

If it makes you feel any better: I’m still swiping left\right and pulling up/down on the interface to no avail on LineageOs … until I realize: "Oh yeah there’s these 3 lumpy icons at the bottom of the screen. Gahhh! :face_vomiting: "

Read the topic header!

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It remains a valid question. The name of the phone is Xperia 10 II, Xperia 10 is an older model with a different adaptation and different known bugs. Blame Sony for picking a very confusing naming scheme for their phones, but if you don’t use Sony’s names, it only ends up being even more confusing.

Edit just to add a few other similar names: the Xperia 10 II is an upgrade to the Xperia 10, which is a completely different device from the Xperia X10 released twelve years ago, which is different from the Xperia X10 Mini, which is different from the Xperia X10 Mini Pro, which again is different from the Xperia Mini Pro. First there was the X10, then the X, then the 10, and then they started iterating on the 10. Though, to be fair, naming products in a confusing way tends to be a problem with many companies, and not just for phones.


@triantares Could you share which Android apps you used on Sailfish?

diegoc raises an important topic which seems to crop up in this kind of “frustration” topics where nothing hardly ever works :wink:
Maybe we do need to check how substansive this issue really is. There must be some popular Android apps that mess up the AppSupport system. We might discover a pattern with certain apps.
I only have Whatsapp, Signal, Firefox and DDG browser and have no issues on my XA2. No MicroG or GPlay or other rubbish either :wink:

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Same here, minus the firefox as I’ve got DDG-browser.
I only have “gpsinfo” from the jolla-store and “k9mail”, “magic-earth” and “pure-maps” as android apps.

I personally doubt this is Android apps related … but more hardware access (proprietary blobs) related.
Like the speakers/micro feedback on the phone is definitely not related to Android in any way.

Again, I’m NOT frustrated in any way as I test and troubleshoot lots of linux related stuff on lots of different hardware … and know what to expect.
My gripe was that IMO this FSOS version for the xperia10 II (dual sim) can barely be called Beta-test level and shouldn’t be sold yet … at least not without warning.

My mistake was in thinking that this would be reliable enough for my daily phone.


If I get it right, the real Android apps are Whatsapp, Signal, DDG browser, K9mail and Magic Earth.
Doesn’t sound too dangerous :slight_smile:

Sorry for calling it a frustration topic, that was incorrect.
It is a post of a malfunctioning phone.
Besides Android apps, there might be other factors, like what release was the device on before flashing and which Sony software revision got flashed. There might be combinations that give more problems than others.

I know it’s not the place nor helpful, but I did the same with my Xperia Plus. I am on MicroG lineageOS version since SFOS 4.0, and I have to say is a better living. Still too many missing feature (to me).

It’s not even that … it’s a post about a failed publicity or marketing strategy.

If it had not been a Jolla-shop sale but i.e a donation request things would’ve been very different, in expectations and liabilities.

Taking into consideration what reports have already been made and continue to come in:
It was simply too early to release this Xperia10 II version as a commercial product. :frowning_face:

Anyway, thank you for trying to help and clearly the forum is a user2user thing but I have no other way to flog the decision-makers at Jolla (beside clamouring for a refund, which I wont) .


As someone not experiencing any of the issues mentioned above I’m actually quite happy they released it. It has been my best SFOS device so far and I had virtually all of them.


I just hope that the reason why 4.4 is taking so long to be released is because they’re making a rock solid, bug free version of SFOS. The issues mentioned above are more and more tempting me to click the ‘Flash Android’ button. Especially because I switched from BB Q10 to Xperia 10 II SFOS because the Blackberry failed me in an important emergency (why would I carry a phone that could leave me stranded when I need communication the most?). The same has happened with SFOS twice, but I still have the hope that the new version will turn a so-far relatively unreliable phone into a phone I can trust. Hope doesn’t last forever, though, and if Jolla is such a small team, they may need help from outside. Maybe opening the project up in the same way Ubuntu did with UTouch could create an actual OPEN alternative to iOS and Android.


Rest assured: there will be new bugs. BUT … I share your hope that the most annoying bugs like loss of mobile connection (both, for voice calls and for data) will be resolved (at least to a large extend)

However, SFOS 4.3 already did resolve many tiny little annoyances I had so I still believe in progress