Too many issues, so reflashed: After setup > First security code > ... endless circular sand timer (no desktop) Caused by a dieing SIM card?

REPRODUCIBILITY: 100% (so far)
HARDWARE: Xperia 10 iii
PRE-INSTALL TESTS: In android / booted fine, pics fine, mobile data fine, wifi fine.
INSTALLED FROM: Win10 64bit - 10.0.19044
VIA: USB 2.0 port on a MSI X570 Tomahawk m/b
REGRESSION: Yes. I have successfully flashed the device last week (though separate problems led me to re-flash the device)


Having a genuinely crap time with this phone, so all help appreciated.
Not my first rodeo, beeing using an XA2 Plus for 3.5 years (and flashed an old X as a travel toy too).
Do appreciate the support I received so far, but could do with some advice on what more knowledable people consider my situation to be.

So, i re-flashed my phone due to a number of ongoing problems:

And all looked good:
Phone boots up.
Connect to wifi.
Do all the initial setup.
Device does its encryption bit.
Set up code and fingerprint.
Log in to Jolla account (eventually - took ~5m)
Chose to skip the tutorial…

… and waited for Desktop lockscreen to log in.
Instead, i’m left perpetually with the circling sand timer, and never actually getting to the desktop or the lockscreen.
This condition has persisted after a restart - I get to the first security code, but then just the circling sand timer.

So i flashed the device again, all completing happily.
But the first boot still gets stuck at the circling sand timer while i wait endlessing for the lockscreen or desktop to load.
This condition has persisted after a restart - currently what i’m doing now. Waiting.


Re-flash phone


  1. Flash phone
  2. Do first boot setup
  3. Skip tutorial… and wait.


<>Update - with the SIM card present<>
Enter code security code, then you get the brief circular sand timer while the phone loads the desktop and presents you the lock-screen.


<>Update - with the SIM card present<>
Enter code security code, but it never reaches the desktop lockscreen, instead the circular sand timer just continues to whirl around.


None. This is a fresh re-flash.


<>Update - with the SIM card present<>
Discovered that if I removed the SIM card from my 10 iii it would immediately reach the lockscreen, and then happily log in to the desktop.
So i tried in SIM slot 2, and it would login properly, but not be recognised by the phone.
So i took the SIM card out and put it in my XA2 Plus, rebooted the phone but it too can no longer see a SIM card present. Nor too an Xperia 10 ii running Android that i have lieing around.

Given my previously reported problem was enabling mobile data on the new phone - does anyone have any experience with SIM cards progressively failing?
And behaving such that a SAILFISH would respond as described here?