TJC: what's up?

Continuing the discussion from Links in FSO pointing to deprecated TJC:

So, it seems that one can no longer log in at TJC. While likely a ‘good thing’ not to add new topics there, by not matching site deprecation with other actions, the following problems are created:

  1. Ref: image
  • There has been - AFAIK - no transfer of content from TJC (please correct me if wrong); therefore, we can consider this time to be within "the transition period"
  • This being the case, TJC should therefore still be useable "for discussion...topics"
  1. Because I can’t log in, I’ve now lost (without warning) links to several TJC pages which I was 'follow’ing for reference, and thus a host of information



We are going to migrate data from TJC to Forum. This will be done as soon as it is possible. Apologies for the delay but it is not a simple task.

The first step towards migration was to make TJC read-only. The links to the TJC posts keep working, so one can still read them - logging in is not required.

Please wait.


Thank you for the response.

Since by this development, Jolla has reversed it’s position on the statement “During the transition period TJC can be used for discussion related to already-existing topics.”, how can we trust that the other statements will hold?

I have to question your automatically equating log-in access with write access; conflation leads to problem #2 above not being addressed (this is not addressed in your answer).

I appreciate that it may not be simple to migrate the discussions, but given the already-elapsed time since the Discourse forum was launched, do you not think Jolla could nail down when it might realistically be concluded?
It’s better that this answer is honest, even if not what we want to hear.

Thank you again.

Since you are referring to my blog post, I feel obligated to write some kind of response.

It was quite clear to us from the beginning, that there would be a period when TJC would be in read-only mode - this is needed because the migration can’t happen instantaneously. If we were to start the migration, and people would still continue posting to TJC, we would lose those posts when the migration would be complete and TJC turned off.

The “transition period” mentioned in the post really meant the time period between launching the new forum, and the start of the migration. So we are no longer in the transition period - I suppose we could say that we are in “migration period” now, if we want to have a name for this time period which we live in now.

My apologies for not being specific enough in the blog post.

You are correct in your assumption that the migration is not a simple task. Unfortunately I’m not able to give any estimate at this point.

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I’ll express my opinion again and say don’t waste your precious time, leave it as it is and don’t transfer the clutter that TJC was to this new platform. Its like walking on purpose with your muddy boots on a freshly cleaned floor.

Important bugs or whatever can be migrated here manually -by the ones affected- for discussion.


I could have noted that and @'d you - apologies. Thank you for picking it up.

The implication seems to be that Jolla are unable to disable posting on TJC while still maintaining log-ins for reference.
I will trust that Jolla were forced to make the implied hard choice rather than merely disabling write access, but it is a pity that this wasn’t clearly communicated before everyone’s account was closed. C’est la vie, I guess.

NB I don’t have a strong position on this (my issue is more a lack of notice to prepare).

Since you make the fair point that it touches on that subject, however, @peterleinchen collated some links of previous discussions. (I add this just for completeness on the issue.)

Yes, There’s valuable stuff in tjc - but most of it is not.

I went to tjc looking for something on my watchlist and found I couldn’t log in. Fortunately the ‘search’ facility still works.

I found in the blog:
" Jussi Maaniitty on July 8, 2020 at 6:12 pm

All content from TJC will be transferred to the new forum within the next months. There is no need to do this manually. All new discussion topics should be initiated on the new site at this point."

Has the migration happend already or will happen or wont happen? Couldnt find out myself - but i stumbled about the problem that made me start a post in tjc that did resonate quite well - so i guess that was quite interesting to all - and i couldnt find the migrated one.

Looking at the forum the exact same reason that made me create that post applies here in the forum to: info spread all around - but no quick info for new users as i already mentioned in another thread

As this was a wiki post - and editable for all it was updated regulary - but hasnt since the forum started. And now new info is cluttered all around and hard to find.
This is the post i mean:
I know discourse offers a wiki function - so this could be done here also.

So as this is a feedback section:
Those popular (wiki) entries from together.jolla need to be migrated - so the community is able to update them. It sucks to have new infos splattered around in several threads - when it was better “organized” on the old platform.
By that i dont mean all entries need to be migrated - but the popular ones really should.
It doesnt make sense to have them in read-only and not beeing updated - or on the platform that should no longer be activly used for that matter.

If migration is no longer planned /is to complicated or whataver it would be nice to have that info.
In that case i would suggest a wiki section and simply copy&paste those old topics so they can be updated in here.

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