Links in FSO pointing to deprecated TJC

Serious concern:
what will happen with all those links to solutions or posts (answers/comments) pointing to deprecated platform TJC when it goes out of service?
Will we have lots of topics here on this new platforn with help/solution posts linking to ‘Error 404’?
Or will they get auto-converted pointing to this new forum?


According to the official Announcement and the corresponding TJC announcement:

TJC will be closed after a transfer period, the transfer is expected to be concluded during fall this year. During the transition period TJC can be used for discussion related to already-existing topics. Over time we will migrate the content from TJC to the new Sailfish OS forum.

Now I can see problems with external sites linking to TJC threads - depending on how well the migration is done - which we will have to see - those are likely to go extinct.

(But that is the nature of the WWW - we missed the opportunity to create non-breaking two-way hyperlinks back in the 90s…)


Yes, external links will most probably go south.
But I was talking about then internal links as all the content will be moved inside this forum, or?

And there are already quite a few posts with links to TJC address.

I do remember early times when ITT was migrated to TMO and internal links were still working as structure of forum did not change and address resolution to internettablettalk was resolved to
Later on those internal links also went south but it was then possible to exchange only the site address and keep the post/thread part and all was good.
But now we have different structures.

So I would like a statement from @jollaadmin

One could keep askbot as read-only platform, or what are the plans?