Tidings RSS reader Thread

Hi folks,

anyone out there with Tidings RSS reader by @poetaster on the phone? I get some issues with the recent SFOS ( on Xperia 10 III.

  • Refreshing of feeds sometimes stuck. You have to close and restart the app.

  • Extended feeds are not shown in full length. Just a page and if scrolling, you open up the bottom drawer to the next feed. Buttons for “Full article” and “Website” not shown at these feeds.

  • Text zoom did not work. You can increase, but the font size is remaining the same.

Did you have some workarounds for that?


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Hmmm. Can’t comment on that, but a question… how many feeds? I have 8 regular subs.

This could be an experimental setting: Make sure that ‘Slideshow View’ and ‘Enable Flicking’ are off.

Hmmm. Works for me on the 10ii and vollaphone. What % did you set?

Currently, 20 subs in use.

Great! This fix the issue.

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With these two experimental settings are switched off, the zoom on 125% works fine.

Here an example of stucking refresh.

It’s fefe :slight_smile: Kidding. I’ll try a larger set. And see if I can log something. If you leave it running in the background, do they ‘ever’ finish?


Fefe’s sarcasm is well known :wink:

It runs 20 Minutes, then I give up and restart.

Does it ‘always’ get stuck at the same source / uri?

The last 4 refreshes running well. I will keep an eye on it. :wink:

It happens if the refresh cycle is too short. For example, after 2 - 5 minutes. Then it often stuck. But not frequently, I will take a closer look at it. Did Tidings write some log files or having a verbose mode?

No. But I should implement that :slight_smile:


An OPML import / export would also be a nice new feature :slight_smile:

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After observing the refresh issue I can say, after every restart of the app it works fine.

Every new refresh inside the running app will stuck after refreshing the third feed.

Ok, could you send the URL for the feed it’s sticking on?

Sure :slight_smile:


Sorry, which one is the THIRD, the one that seems to consistantly stick?

Ah, my bad. :slight_smile:

It’s the Rubikon Feed: Rubikon Magazin

But all other feeds mentioned above are also busy while refreshing.

The requests are ‘theoretically’ in there own threads though in reality it looks like the requests are made in series anyway. But I can see if the response times / timeouts occur with Rubikon. You could experiment by moving it to the ‘last’ slot. Thanks!

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Okay, I moved Rubikon to the last slot. Now all refreshes (3 times tried) running well. Only Rubikon stuck at his last slot. The first time after restart, he will refresh. The second and forthcoming will stuck

Ok. It’s an atom feed, so it may be an issue with tidings and atom. Just testing http requests for the feed it seems normal (190+ k, but delivered quickly). Thanks!