Threema Audio streched

When I send an audio in Threema, I have the following problem:
I can start the recording normally, but as soon as I send the audio, it is stretched to twice the length, making it unintelligible. This already happens when I finish the audio and listen to the preview. I already wrote to Threema support, but they said after some back and forth that this is probably due to the ANdroid Machine audio encoding.

Has someone else the same problem?

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Hello J-One,

we have the same problem. My Wive and my child have a Sony Xperia XA2, I have a Sony Xperia 10 and my other child has a Sony Xperia X. We did al upgrade to Sailfish 4, but only the Xperia X is working properly. The voice recordings (only in Threema) sound like a slow-motion computer voice. We can also not use the Threema call, but this is a long topic :frowning:

Is coderus no longer in the forum :wink: He was always good at helping.

Threema support may not help and I have unfortunately no solution for it.

I already wrote a short time with the Threema Support, they said ins a problem with the audio encoding of the android machine…

I know the issue with the Threema calls, but sometimes ist works for me. If I turn on my mobile data and not wifi and start the Video after the connection stands, i am often able to use Threema calls. But maybe that only works with a contact, that not uses Sailfish too :wink:

Thank’s a lot J-One, with mobile data the calls are working fine. There is maybe one day also a solution for this stretched voicemails :wink:

Greetings and Happy Easter