The Volla X23 (GX4) Thread

Hmm, I lost a GS5 on vacation (don’t ask) and I’m thinking of buying a GX4. Only, it’s unclear if the Volla x23 is a GX4 or GX4 pro? Anyone know? My guess is not the pro, given the GX4 Pro pricing vs. Volla x23 pricing?

If this is correct, Volla Phone X23 with dual OS, removable battery unveiled | NoypiGeeks then it’s a GX4 and not the pro version. hmm. @piggz, you’re using a volla x23 as DD now? You hadn’t done the GS5/Rephone as DD, or?

It’s based on GX4 based on what I read on the Volla forum.

yes, X23 is my DD … i never DD the V22/GS4 due to the BLE issue. Perhaps the V22 update to android 12 will help with that, ill update the port soon to use halium-12


Ah, cool. Is V22 at .21 or still at .19? I’ve lost track. Thanks!

.19 Subprojects of nemo:testing:hw:volla:halium-mimameid - SailfishOS Open Build Service maybe ill update it later


It’d be great to get the update for the browser fixes alone! Thanks!


please forgive me if I didn’t see it, but the topic “[The Volla X23 (GX4) Thread]” implies that this port may can be used not only for the X23 but also maybe for the “original” GX4- is that the case? I couldn’t find any information if or if not the GX4 can be used for that or if it can be even unlocked etc.
The GX4 seems to be on sale here around the corner, so this would be very interesting.
Can anyone enlighten me?

The Volla X23 seems to be identical to the Gigaset GX4, Like the Volla22 is a Gigaset GS5. However, I’m not in possesion of one yet, so I can’t confirm it works yet.

Not yet in possession :wink:

Sigh, so Gigaset is going into restructuring. In German: Einbruch beim Geschäft mit DECT-Telefonen: Gigaset stellt Insolvenzantrag | heise online Which is not good news for Volla. Might mean the GX4 goes on firesale, though. Sigh.

That’s absolutely unexpected. Let’s hope they can manage it. Thanks for sharing.
Although it feels a bit like to pick over the bones this indeed could be an opportunity to get a GX4 for an even better price.
But still the question remains if it can be used…I was still not able so far to find out anything at all about if it could be unlocked to have even a chance to try it.

Ok, just found a ‘good as new’ return, supposedly, unlocked, which I would guess to be the case. I’ll give it a try.

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