The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

Does Volla’s multi-boot feature work? Can I install Sailfish on sd card using this feature?


Not yet, but thats the intention



work this port on GS5 Seimens Gigaset?

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It should… My understanding is the Volla 22 is a re-branded GS5

Ahoj Mr. piggz i would Test it on my Rephone…Please Install Instruction


Here is the first somewhat complete image. Pipeline · sailfishos-porters-ci / Halium Mimameid Ci · GitLab . Still development, so no complaining. Extract, run “sudo sh” and put the phone into fastboot mode. If it is the same product name, it will flash, if not, its up to you if you want to edit the product name in the script and try and flash it anyway.


Update of halium-android-rootfs (mostly) fixes video playback issues. Can be fetched with a zypper ref/dup.


Ok, the install works on a GS5 (128 GB version - GS5CTNB02845) with no issues. Ran the update and so far so good. Video recording didn’t work.

  • wlan/browser
  • fingerprint
  • camera stills
  • audio recording
  • bluetooth transfers in both directions.

Hello Mr.Poetaster

to flash sailfish on GS5 (bootloader must be open?)
I put the gs5 in fastboot mode and run the command “sudo sh” in terminal ???
i this way ok?

Thanks Mr.

Did you zypper dup to try and fix the video recording?

After you set up developer mode in android, you reboot to fastboot (vol. + volume up) and then run ‘fastboot flashing unlock’. After that you can run the script.

Yes I did. But, I’ll take a look if I missed something.

Thanks Mr.Poetaster :+1:

After updating to Sailfish can i flash back to android?

If it’s unlocked, sure. It’s more complicated to flash android, though.

For info:

Information for package halium-android-rootfs:
Repository     : adaptation-halium
Name           : halium-android-rootfs
Version        : 11.0-1.5.1.jolla
Arch           : noarch
Vendor         : meego
Installed Size : 448.4 MiB
Installed      : Yes (automatically)
Status         : up-to-date
Source package : halium-android-rootfs-11.0-1.5.1.jolla.src
Summary        : Halium Android roots image
Description    : 
    This package contains the Halium Android root fs image


i found on bay…gigaset gs5 and rephone
with running ubuntu touch :wink:

The Ubports installer, to date, also has ‘only’ support for ubuntu touch. Which means the VollaOs and SFOS ports aren’t quite there. But @piggz has work in the pipeline. And my tests thus far are great, but for battery usage and camera video. Everything else is snappy. It’s good value :slight_smile:

Hello mr.piggz

how can i change the product name
in the script from gigaset to rephone…

thanks mr

If you look at the script you will see fastboot (the command) being used to obtain the product id:

fastboot $* getvar product 2>&1 | grep “^product: *k69v1_64”

If I were you I’d put the device in fastboot mode and run:

fastboot getvar product

But I’d report that back here before actually changing the script. The script worked ‘as is’ with a GS5 but that is really identical with the volla 22 specs. The rephone has more ram and a different camera. No idea if the camera would be an issue, but it almost always is.

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