The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

I have deleted /etc/sailfish-device-encryption-community/config.ini and started with a new home partition. I start with more space on home. Onle 2.9 GB are used. But the symptoms stay the same.

Shall I try to flash Volla Os again in between? And shall I update this to the newest version? I haven’t done this the last time. I flashed Volla OS once and imediately afterwards I flashed SF.
I used the image from here: Jobs · sailfishos-porters-ci / Halium Mimameid Ci · GitLab (The two month old testing image).

Boot in recovery…factory reset…format data…


Ok, I’ll try. Thanx.

Yipiieeeh :partying_face: This indeed fixed the problem!
Thanx a lot. One question. When I search for Wlan all access points show up three times. Is this normal? Just a minor issue.

@piggz As soon as my rephone is set up completey. A crate of beer will be donated :blush:

Yes, the duplicate entries for wlan are a known issue. It’s minor but odd.

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I think its because the phone has a bunch of different wlan interfaces for different frequencies … and connman doesnt quite expect that

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One further minor thing: Whenever I work with Terminal, the hole gui gets after a while unresponsive and laggy.
Closing it, all is fine again. I use original fingerterm at the moment. Not busybox. Anyone else recognized that?

I wanted to try Arch Linux on Gigaset GS5 but it seems too much work and lack of knowledge.
But, looking for an alternative. Postmarket is broken and also android-based os won’t help me.
I haven’t try UT because I heard it’s somehow closed for volla and also I want to be respectful to hardwork of Volla community but if UT is possible to be installed on GS5 i’m willing to donate for volla or UT

with ub port installer you can run… Ubuntu Touch…Droidian…or Volla os on the GS5

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Followed the instructions,
It got stuck at the point of setting slots(Installer) and on phone showed fastboot mode.
No change in a long time.
reboot and android is up again

Is presage possible? Has somebody it running?
I haven’t found a way to install. On Storeman there is no installable package.
When I try to install from Chum i need to install maliit-presage-plugin. But this is complaining, that presage-data is not available. Even so presage-data is already installed.

Again tried and got stuck at the same point.
Setting slots
Activating slot a
Fastboot mode…

Your bootloader is unlocked?
Have you followed the instructions of Volla?:

I’ll try again and update the forum

I’m running presage on all my gigasets. Installed from chum. Using

zypper install
presage-lang-de_DE presage-lang-en_US maliit-plugin-presage keyboard-presage-en_US keyboard-presage-de_DE

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Thanks for your reply. That was my fault. I have forgotten to deinstall a wrongly (outdated) installed package . After unsinstalling it, installation went flawless.

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I checked, there is nothing new on this pdf,
Bootloader and OEM and usb debugging all are on and unlocked.
this one is acting weird.

Bootloader unlock is not just a simple switch. What you have described is just precondition.

In fastboot mode you have typed

fastboot flashing unlock

and if so, what was the output?

Is here anybody using Sailfish connect? I’m using it quite often and with the rephone I have massive problems, because it acts quite random. Sometimes it connects sometimes not. Most times it doesn’t see other devices (and isn’t seen as well). That is the first really annoying thing so far (besides the notch, which is simply a horrible thing - but I’ ll get hopefully used to :wink:)

Maybe I’m a bit silly, I cannot seem to run any other but the stock os on my rephone, neither ubuntu touch, nor volla os, nor droidian nor sailfish os works, I only get to fastboot or even the mtk preload after flashing any os.
Might it be a problem that the phone was upgraded to Android 12 before trying to flash a different ROM?