The body of an email draft is cleared

OS VERSION: (latest)


The email client seems to clear the body of a draft created with some other email client when opening the draft.


IMAP email account is needed


Create a draft with Thunderbird (or any other email client, I assume)
    Subject: “foo”
    Body: “bar” 
Open Jolla email client
Open the Drafts folder
Open the newly created draft


    Subject is “foo”
    Body is “bar” 


    Subject is “foo”
    Body is empty (the editor shows the grayed-out hint “Write message...”) 





Something to check : is the status of the draft (read vs unread) involved here ?

Is the Thunderbird email creating plain text or html email?

In this case HTML email

I can see a draft created by Jolla Email generates a plain text/base64 message.

13-Jun-2023 11:54:36 +0200,208;000000000031-00000048
X-Priority: 3
From: Foo <>
Subject: Foo
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2023 09:54:36 +0000
MIME-Version: 1.0


So that may be part of the problem.

Can TB be configured to create a mixed message, i.e. multipart with both html and plain text? It can.

Try configuring to always send both formats:

In theory that could then work for the Jolla email composer to pick up the plaintext part, like it does when replying.

It seems the same kind of bug happens when sharing a link by email from sailfish web browser : the newly created email is empty, whereas before it contained the url to share as body. And sharing by SMS still work so it is not a browser problem here.

When you say before, do you mean in a previous version, or when re-opening the draft?

I just tested some claws mails drafts and those don’t appear in the jolla email app at all. But they are there (my mail server) and show up in other imap clients. If I create a draft on the sfos phone, they appear to stay on the phone (don’t appear in the drafts). One of the drafts I had tagged read (in claws) and other clients duly reported as much.

In a previous version I was able to share link by email from the browser Share feature.

Here I see the draft created on Thunderbird in the Draft folder of Sailfish email client, and I can see its summarized content but only before clicking on it to open it. Once it’s opened, the body has been cleared.

Just set up the account fresh on a second phone and I do see new drafts on this instance. The lists view (Drafts) shows the to:address, subject line an a summary. Clicking on the message shows the correct content.

I wonder if this is some kind of corrupt data thing. I know that I had to delete the account made from a backup and set it up from scratch on this new device. Updating the login with the account from backup did not work.