Telephone failed in an emergency

I had this problem several updates ago, but now the problem has returned and exactly what I once feared is happening. Namely that I can’t make an emergency call.
The problem doesn’t seem to be unique to me.

I again had the problem that manually entering a telephone number resulted in the number simply being deleted from the display when the “Dial” button was pressed and nothing happened. When entering the number again, the same thing happened.
I remembered that someone once wrote in the German forum that simply switch to flight mode, then switch it off again and then it would work. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Restarting the startscreen didn’t help either.

I had to reboot the phone before I could call an ambulance in a medical emergency!

That’s not funny anymore. The phone function is an elementary function and it should at least work safely.
I’ve gotten used to the fact that many apps no longer work, especially with Android support. I’ll have to live with it until the next time I buy a cell phone. But I can no longer understand why the phone function still has such bugs.

Sony XA2, SFOS


I had the same situation a couple of days ago, luckily not in an emergency case.

Anyhow, the phone app was not able to start a call and did not even react when I tapped on the phone number in the missed calls list.

Only a reboot of the phone helped.

I agree with teletubbie. It is unacceptable that such bugs still exist.

(Xperia 10III - SFOS


Cannot confirm.

I recently had to call 112, it worked. Cool feature: the phone UI turned red - or did I imagine that in a stressful situation???

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that happens not depending on the number you dial, but always when you tap the phone UI for emergencies on the lock screen - and it is pretty useful because you cannot mistake the emergency dial for the pin dialogue, in case you pin is 112 that could be bad

+1 Calling 112 worked for me, too, on a Xperia 10 III. Probably I just haven’t triggered the bug.

It is not clear from the report if the reporter is calling 112. It could be, but the words do not say that.

  • The quoted bug report talks about “the green phone application” not launching at all
  • The current reporter says “entering a telephone number” which I understand as any normal numeric phone number.
  • The reporter said they tried to switch flight mode on an off and rebooting the phone. This would not have been the logical steps if they were trying to call 112 from the lock screen.

I also didn’t quite understand what is exactly the case here.
Did the phone failed (or refused) to call an emergency service number? If so, which one, from which country/operator?
Or did the phone fail to allow calling in a emergency situation, e.g. while it was locked ?
I agree that’s a serious fault so its preconditions should be properly tracked.

My 5 cents! Reboot your phones continuously, and I can almost guarantee that you will avoid such problems.


While any device can fail anytime -and by murphy’s law it always at the wrong time and when you need it the most- this is not a nice “solution” or workaround.

First and foremost a phone (regardless of OS) should be as reliable as possible. Piece of mind for the user, convenience and reliability brings you money.


On xperia 10 ii,
I have this problem sometimes that calling a number (from wherever you can: ui, contacs or sms) doesnt bring up the call ui.
The call keeps going on in the background, but until the receiving end picks up its impossible to stop it cause the ui is, well, not there.

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This might cause confusion for some people - I’d say daily.


Or at least every second/third day, depending on how much you use it. But daily is good.

They should give us an option to automate stuff like that if it’s needed. Samsung has auto restart for years as an option for example.

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Then please, make a feature request.

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Moved to the category “Bug reports”. Set as “Tracked”.


We will try to reproduce the problem but it will be a tough job as the call problem is rare.

If you happen to run into this issue again, please try to collect some logs from your phone and describe, as precisely as possible, how the whole sequence of events went.

To get the logs, you need to enable the Developer mode.

The bare minimum would be to get the journal log with the command:

devel-su journalctl -a -b --no-tail --no-pager > journal.txt

If the oFono Logger app were installed on the phone (before the incident) then we would get more detailed telephony-related logs. The instructions for this are in this document.

If you do not want to publish your log(s) here in the Forum, please file a ticket in the Customer Care and attach the log files to the ticket.


I am really sorry for what happened to you. I can feel how it’s frustrating. I hope our community can help improving the SW (and also HW performances) to face with more effectiveness emergency situations where the connection is a life-saver.
Unfortunately I understand what you feel: I got the very same incident with Iphone 7 from my wife.

I would say never. On some systems the SW itself asks for a reboot every few hours or when automatic operations (updates or others) are done. On Android the reboot is a must-do because of the java and kotlin garbage collector very bad handling.
We shall distinguish: On a system where I am in control of what happens I don’t need reboot and I don’t expect someone tells me it’s needed a reboot. If I don’t know what’s happening inside my device the reboot is highly reccomended.

On recent versions of SFOS, I know of at least two situations where dialing was not possible wo reboot (XA2). So, it looks to not be so rare…

I suspect I’ve had this happen once or twice during a year with my Xperia 10 III.
During a call, I could see a top bar with the ongoing call time displayed, but i wasn’t able to interact with it. I also wasn’t able to bring up the call screen from the running apps selection or the Phone-app. I believe re-entering the app just displayed the app as if I opened it normally without being in a call.

I didn’t pay enough attention to give a detailed description but I thought I’d just +1 this.

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