Telegram trouble

Hi all, i have a Jolla One phone. It’s an oldie but still goodie. I use Telegram on Sailfish OS through Android compatibility layer of course and have one re-occurring problem:

Sometimes when i try to send a video file (picking it from the Gallery of Sailfish), the operation crashes Telegram. No biggie but: it won’t launch again. I have to restart the phone and retry the launch. Does launch yet then occurrs the MAIN problem: Telegram is attempting to send the video infinitely every time i try to get to Telegram. The file sending DOES NOT when i go to another device and login to Telegram. Same thing with the desktop version. So i cannot remove the video file sending.

I have also tried removing Telegram’s cache through file manager.

I cannot additionally re-install from ApkPure or Aptoide either: tapping does nothing. I have to download an apk file from Telegram’s site or ApkPure (or Aptoide) and install manually. Only then i can get to use Telegram again :confused:

Is there anything to do about this issue? To remove the “send queue” or is some update coming to Alien Dalvik or so?


Hello Heidi, instead of the Android version you could try to install with openrepos (search the net) a client app. Thebootroo made Telegra’me, this works well. And recently Fernschreiber was made. This is in development but also useful. I had no problems with both of them

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In the Android App Settings there is a button to clear App cache, maybe this works better than deleting the folder in file manager.

Clear cache didn’t help, but below it the “Clear data” did! (but reverted to clean state) so it’s a bit of a two edged sword. Sometimes Telegram indeed does not crash sending video file.

Wow this i got to check out, thanks!

There is a new client coming: Yottagram, with more features. Next week we can expect it in Storeman .

while grate, we have then 4 non-complete telegram clients.
would love if they would join forces 1 or 2 more complete clients would be great


Welcome to FOSS :stuck_out_tongue:


At least the developper of Yottagram boasts on twitter about the feature-richness of his client, so maybe we can expect a complete implementation.

Also the developper of Fernschreiber is well-known for quality apps and he as well promises more features to come.


… and that is exactly something which i do not like that much since i have switched to linux at home …

just find a nice music player for linux … all ugly, bad ux and not feature complete … especially these fruits :slight_smile:

Were can I get info of these telegram clients for Sailfish? search for telegra’me, fernschreiber and yottagram

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Im not in Storeman for a week i need to install it again (hope no problems with 3.4), maybe yottagram and fernschreiber are added this lasts days… thank you for the answer.

Can i just install linux desktop version of Telegram that is available at official website?

No, you have to install flatpak support first, then you can install via flatpak package manager. Telegram Desktop is one of the few desktop apps that can be used then.
But only if you have a device where flatpak is supported.

Here you find the flatpak support package by @rinigus:

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Thank you very much for the fast response. So, what is the reason? I will not have the access to the root in Sailfish? Why I need to use ‘flatpak’?
I am just going to use this OS, haven’t bought anything yet.

I am not very much into it, but as far as I understand issues for the use of desktop apps are x86 vs. ARM binaries and the use of wayland display server.

Thanks again for the response. But Librem 5 also uses ARM architecture (NXP® i.MX 8M Quad core Cortex A53, 64bit ARM). And looking into forum it seems desktop telegram runs fine at PureOS.

For me it sounds strange: has 5+ unofficial telegram’s clients that are almost useless, and only one way to use telegram normally - use Sony X with SFOS X plugin that costs additionally around 50$ to be able to use android apps based up to SDK 8.1.
So, what is profit of the Linux phone if it does not support desktop Linux packages… I gonna buy Sony XA2 anyway just to play with the system but impossibility of running desktop’s apps makes me sad (((

But you can run flatpak apps, when you install the package. It is not necessary to have a SFOS license for that, it also works e.g. for XZ2c