Sync feature for notes app

As stated in another post
( New feature requests) syncing notes would be a good and I guess long missed feature. The already implemented Nextcloud integration in account would be one solution, another one would be IMAP with the eMail account (like Apple does it with their notes app under iOS/macOS).


I also stated in a request to implement full exchange services, including tasks and notes. I cannot imagine russian companies can work without it. I am sure there is already a coorperate app for this in Aurora, everything else would not work for businesses, including mine. Yes, i migrate to Dav part after part to get away from exchange but atm it is urgently needed by many companies.

Do you know if I copy the notes app sqllite db (there is no export feature), can I import it into another notes app ?

I use the app (or any other text editor) to save and edit notes in a local folder hierarchy, and synch using Sailsync Owncloud ( I guess syncthing will work aslo).

This setup works well with Nextcloud.

There is also the Nextcloud Notes app but I prefer free choice of text editor.

As for exporting Notes from the native app, there is the Exporter app which will save them as plain text.