Swedish Bank-ID/Swish

What digital id card? If you mean BankID you can just visit your bank and identify yourself in person.

You guys still have Physical Banks ™! My bank, the biggest in Germany, does not have a physical presence in the city of 27000 I live in. I think offshore is the answer.

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Only few banks still have (open) offices, and they are also under rapid settlement. So is the Swedish cash currency. Unfortunately, I think we need a revolution to stop these surveillance zealots.


I do believe that you are correct. Workers of the world …


It’s new.

Right, the news has reached to the rock i live under too.
Turns out it is not actually valid though. Sure, some places may choose to accept it, as they do Bank ID, but it has no real authority.

What an absolute mess.
I think they are desperately trying to stay relevant as the government e-ID is getting started.


I don’t think the government e-ID will be much of an competition.
Many want to use their phone as an ID and that is what Digitalt BankID and Freja eID offer so you don’t need to carry a physical ID.
Freja works fine on sailfish but you can’t use it at systembolaget (state owned liquor store with monopoly of bewerages with +3,5% alcohol).

Activating using passport is optional. Afaik you can still activate the extended BankId functionality by visiting your bank, but they may look strangely at you, when you present your Sailfish device :grin:.
Fwiw the new, extended functionality in BankId is the same as Freja eId+ has had for a while, and Freja works well with Sailfish (except activating eId+ using passport or national id-card, for obvious reasons).

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Extended BankId is also not acceptable there, so you won’t miss anything not getting it. I’m pretty sure extended BankId has less use than Freja eId+ atm. Having used Freja eId+ personally for quite a while now I think it’s good with another actor for digital identity, pushing acceptance further.

I do think extended BankId is mainly because they (the banks) are pressured by Freja and, as @attah states, to stay relevant when government e-id is launched (if ever…).


Spot on! (twenty characters)


How so?
Isn’t the point that you can delegate it to whatever app for those needs?
The main difference is that the next link in the chain of trust is something you own, and that is backed by the state - as opposed to the good will and whims of your bank.

It seems entirely plausible that we could make such an app for Sailfish if the technology manages to keep away from silly proprietary stuff and useless certification programs. I’ll put in the work and money myself if it comes to it.

That’s just the spin on it to make i clickworthy for news reporting. I wonder if it actually works anywhere at all where it matters. I can’t see anything listed; and since properly making use of it requires integration, the list might actually be 0-length.


I have read and understood that one of the basic prerequisites for the state e-ID is that it should be platform-independent, so it should become possible to use in Sailfish.

As for the banks, they are just trying to get the final and complete control of our lives and money. So please don’t go that way!


In the link i posted they clearly states that the government eID will be physical card that you can use with your phone or computer.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up using the chip in national ID och passport or we will get yet another card to carry around.
Then we might get an app that works much like BankID digital ID an app that is bound to the physical national ID or passport with same expiration date and a physical card that one can “blip” for identification that is plattform independant and works for all.

I called my bank and BankID and they both told me that you can’t activate digital BankID at the bank office but maybe i will try anyway.
I actually helped a someone activate digitalt BankID today on android and it’s a hit and miss there as well, on one phone it worked on the other the camera wasn’t able to read the three lines at the back of the ID so i couldn’t activate it.

You will be able to use Digital BankID at systembolaget late September 2023.

Could someone else try to install BankID Digitalt ID-card on a phone with an unlocked bootloader.
In my testing it won’t work on any android phone with unlocked bootloader.

It won’t even get that far since it needs NFC which isn’t plumbed in in AAS.

If you are asking about on an Android device, i’m sorry, but i think you’ll have better luck on an Android forum.

Assuming you mean BankID Digitalt ID-card, then yes, it would make sense you can’t (i.e. being limited to plain BankID).
So, @Mohjive, are you sure?

I was talking about if it works on an android device with unlocked bootloader.
I tried on an device i previously had sailfish on and now runs android.
I couldn’t add the Nationellt ID to the bankid app that’s needed for the digital ID.

At what point did you fail? I tried with my X running LineageOS but couldn’t go all the way because my passport is to old, but no problem untill where I should NFC.