Stuck with signature spoofing microG

On my Xperia 10 pro I’m trying to get e-banking working, following the guide here:

Unfortunately the spoofing doesn’t work, although the self check indicates that the system has signature spoofing support, and it grants signature spoofing support, the signature actually doesn’t get spoofed…

So what am I missing?

Hey, welcome to the forum.

On creating this topic you should have got a light-blue colored box showing you similar topics, out of which one holds the solution.

You will need the developer mode, root rights and some skills editing system files :slight_smile:

But I think it is pretty straight forward. Else get back and ask…


Hi Peter,
sorry I missed it, thanks for the answer. I’m very much getting used to this phone and forum.
The text box I’m typing this in insists on remaining at the bottom behind the keyboard as I type this …
The app I wanted to use is Migrosbank , unfortunately the spoofing now works but the app still doesn’t …
I gave it all the permissions I could find .

If anyone has success , please let me know how .

No problem, was meant as hint for the next time (and to be honest it sometimes does seem to not appear?) :wink:

Search And Find :smiley:

Some Android apps work, some not. And especially those ‘security’ banking stuff are often sensitive and think you use a rooted Android slab and deny working…

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Exactly, I confirm! An app for the Italian Public Digital Identity System does not work precisely because it feels that the mobile phone is rooted.

okay, the desktop view trick works, so far so good.

If I can’t do ebanking, I won’t be able to use this device as daily driver. Shame, but that’s how it is .

With the keyboard as it is (clearly not as good as the N9, using OKboard for swipe in English and German ) I won’t be able to get my wife interested either …

And I still like Meego / sailfish better than all alternatives …

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