Storeman installer?

Sailfish I started using when I bought a redmi note 4-piggz port. After that, I used Ubuntu Touch for two years. I’ve been watching what’s sitting down from time to time. Now I have switched again to the sailfish OS (Xperia 10 III). I would ask for an explanation: I installed Chum and after that I wanted to install Storeman.I can’t possibly understand the difference between the two versions that exist.
Which version should I install: - oestr -olf

I suppose you refer to “Storeman” and “Storeman Installer” in the CHUM repo?
The storeman installer “selects the right variant (…) built for the cpu architecture of the device and the installed SFOS release”.
So it’s a 2-step process: first you install the installer, then you open it, and it installs Storeman proper (and it looks like it uninstalls itself).
I tried this, and I tried to install Storeman directly, and I couldn’t see any difference. However, I felt better to use the Storeman installer, so in the end I used that to reinstall Storeman.

BTW, the CHUM interface is a bit buggy still, every now and then (esp. when something goes wrong) it needs a restart.
But in the end I hope we can move all Openrepos software to CHUM, it just makes more sense.

@ljutica, only Storeman ≥ 0.3.0 works properly on SailfishOS 4.4.0. The principal “landing page” (with all necessary information and further web-links) for Storeman & Storeman Installer is Storeman Installer | — Community Repository System.

Background: mentaljam / osetr ceased working on Storeman in October 2021 and asked publicly for others to maintain Storeman & Storeman Installer in March 2022.
I volunteered to organise the infrastructure for managing Storeman & Storeman Installer as a team and thus became the maintainer of Storeman. Unfortunately there are currently no other contributors, hence I simply try to keep Storeman & Storeman Installer working on new SailfishOS releases and further development of Storeman is still on the hold.

@ohnonot, if one already has the SailfishOS-Chum GUI app installed, there is no need to use the Storeman Installer: Storeman can be directly installed from the SailfishOS:Chum repository.


BTW, this has been slightly altered meanwhile: Now one has to use the Storeman Installer to install Storeman or perform this task fully manually (download the correct RPM and install it by devel-su pkcon install-local <RPM file name>).