Storage space on SFOS 4.5 Fairphone 2

Hello, I’m running SFOS 4.5 on my old Fairphone 2 (a temporary solution until I figure out why mobile data still isn’t working on my Xperia 10iii, No mobile data Xperia 10iii []).

However, the mass memory is nearly full: 25.5 GB used and 7.1 MB available:

It appears that Sailfish OS and other files take the majority of this space, yet I thought that the root system was only supposed to take 2 GB or thereabouts.

How can I delete unnecessary items and/or force app installs and data only my SD card?

with this amount of occupied diskspace, installed apps probably aren’t the main culprit. You can use space inspector app from open repos to find out what occupies your disk space exactly

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+1 for Space Inspector. I use it myself, it’s quite a handy tool!

It should be on a separate partition.
Maybe it isn’t on Fairphones?

This is what all this looks like on my system (ignore the encrypted memory card):

In any case, 24.9GB seems like way too much. Try this to see what’s taking up space:

cd /
devel-su du -m -d1 | sort -g | sed "s/\t./M\t/g"

Then cd into the directory that contains the most MB, and repeat.