Stop Sailfish Support for Russia?

Sorry to say, but to some extent jolla also supports the Russian Governement:

“In 2016, after a thorough review of several open source based options, the Ministry publicly expressed support for Sailfish OS, which was chosen as the platform for further development. At the same time a new law was passed aiming to support domestic independent development projects. In practice the new law put requirements for governmental development projects, urging them to utilize domestic registered software.”

How does jolla see its role and how jolla will react on the current situation, knowing that it will go at the heart of the business model?


Same thread one click away.

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As long as SFOS is not used as part of a missile guidance system I don’t see how this would in any possible way have even the slightest influence on Mr. H̶i̶t̶l̶e̶r̶ Putin’s decision making.


Just to not leave this thread completely unresolved, here a quote by Jolla from a different thread:

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Everyone is entitled to as much Putin boot licking as they desire. :grin:
(Just to preemptively defuse a possible misunderstanding, I don’t mean your particular post would have crossed the line here)
I certainly would not want to see your posts flagged or blocked just because I may disagree with your opinion.

I think what the OP may also have been worried about is not only the morality of supporting the current Russian administration but also the impact proposed sanctions could directly have on Jolla’s business.

But forgetting for a moment about Sailfish, which is as relevant to Putin as both our opinions here and moving to more strategically relevant commodities, I’m still not convinced I would really much enjoy sitting in a well heated home, knowing my current comfort is directly helping to finance the bombing of children somewhere.

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Although it is not your point, I am thinking of buying an electric stove. Not just because of the war, but it might be the tipping point, the last thing needed to make me do so. Just to illustrate how far I would go. Thermostat had been lowered a degree as well.
Stopping supporting sailfish (by buying licenses, spreading the word, and contributing to the community, it isn’t much, but still) is not unthinkable for me, if I even would think Jolla does wrong, I don’t know yet. I don’t think that would make a difference, but it might make me feel less of a hypocrite.

More on point:
Why should a small company not renounce war? And imho I think they can make a political statement. You tell us to stop do politics with 3 exclemation marks. And I agree this forum shouldn’t be polictical. But if it is important for someone else, why not indulge them 1 single thread? 1 thread in a whole forum. It is not too much to ask. If you can’t handle that, be free to skip this thread and read other things on this forum or the rest of the internet.

Sorry, misinterpreted your reaction. It seems it was your point to point out the hypocrisy. With that I slightly agree.

Did you stop using american products or software when they bombarded Yugoslavia, invaded Afghanistan, or unlawfully attacked Iraq? If you are applying this, strict principles. Think of what you could still use. The bad Stasi and KGB, only the fact that Google and Co, know a multiple of facts they knew about usual individuals. They were bad, but everybody is happy with his Hey Google and Alexa. Apps are only parts of Websites. But instead of using the website, people still prefer using the app, that is at the same time tracking your location, accessing yiur prsonal data and so on. So are you now stopping to use Android or iOS for the multiple wars the USA waged in the world!? :wink:


The intention of this post was to require jolla to make a statement on the future technological support for the russion government. This post was not intended to start a üpolitical discussion, for which other channels are more appropriate. I have marked the post as resolved for me. Therefore, I strongly recommend to close this discussion, in this forum.


I agree. This forum is for discussing Sailfish OS, not politics.