Plea for official statement from Jolla

If I understand your statement on the power of people and the existence of states correctly, the people of Russia or Ukraine must have something to do with it.

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A clue about SFOSes future :wink:

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What is the difference between the situation before and after a statement from a software company in Finland on a war in Ukraine?

Such statement is necessary personaly for me, just to know who’s side Jolla takes. I have explained why I asked the question publicly.


Maybe the next community meeting will bring some answers …

shouldn’t we just leave politics to politicians and not corporation? as it never ends well for corp. when they start to get involve to other stuff

also if you have personally a problem with Jolla involvement with/in Russia, then that’s your issue (also why stop with Jolla?)

When it comes to sanctions, we have to see what kind they will be in the end (doubt they will any big/meaningful, for one reason or another)…and should Jolla had and thoughts/position about this? …not really, why? because it wont matter, as Jolla is small company and Russia would just keep developing AuroraOS with or without Jolla

PS. also I like to remind everyone that China has been eyeing on Taiwan (and depending how this Russia-Ukraine thing goes, could determine Taiwans faith)

oh well…c’est la vie


Jolla has no longer active business or exports to Russia, the business was ramped down during 2021. We continue to offer the independent European OS for all who want freedom of choice and value digital independence. In parallel, Jolla is growing in particular rapidly in the automotive sector, and it formed already significant part of our 2021 revenues.


This account is 33 mins old, colour me sceptical…

A trust level leader account.

It did already matter to me before Putin started attacking Ukraïne. I always felt a bit uneasy about this.
This is not about the Russian people, but about the regime only. Unfortunately it was never clear to me how Jolla was/is invloved in the Russian government, what relationship there is and if it has any impact on the development of the OS. I supposed it was allright, but I didn’t know for sure.
The latest action against Ukraïne has all the charateristics of a classic war with no other purpose than expanding Russian power over another independent country that just wants to be a democracy.
With sanctions coming into effect, what will happen to the coöperation of Jolla with the Russian government? What will happen if Swift will be blocked, or mastercard/visa?
Many companies in the West are trading with Russia. Can they still be neutral? These are serious questions. It would be good if Jolla gave some clarity about it. Anyhow, let’s hope this war will be over soon.


I’m sure if this really was an official Jolla statement they wouldn’t need to create a totally new account to do it. Even their CEO already has his own account already, so why would they need to.

It has trust level “leader” on the profile page. This is a discourse feature, so the person definately has access to the discourse admin. It’s an official statement.

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Did not see that… Will edit my post.

Sometimes you are involved by not making a choice.


the OP might first want to ask whether Jolla is financially viable without its Russian partnership.

i understand the Jolla is finally in the glorious position of turning a profit, and i’m hoping for a long life of updates for the Xperia 10 III i intend to buy shortly.

if they are; great. if not, i’m not sure i’m willing to see SFOS disappear on pure principle.


what about AuroraOS cooperation? I though you are still prioritizing requests coming from that side… or is it also over?


If they really are now focusing on the automotive sector we can probably say goodbye to our beloved Sailfish in the long run as there will be no point for them to develop it any further as a phone OS.

Or we can make an initiative from the community ourselves and say “Jolla, if you add subscriptions like e.g. Mullvad does, 5€/Month, no special bullshit terms whatshowever, then we are eager to support you more financially.” Just because so many subscription services try to exploit their users, doesn’t mean every company will do that. And I’m pretty sure in the first few years Jolla will be very greatful already for how much more money they’re making than before, 50€ per device is nothing.

“We continue to offer the independent European OS for all who want freedom of choice and value digital independence.” … sounds like a very acceptable outlook to drive on. Thanks for the note ! :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:

Any significant changes in strategic ownership since Rostelecom joined by 2018 ?

The move into automotive applications sounds straightforward & promising. Any prototype showcases available yet ?


Thank you for the prompt answer.

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AuroraOS still seems quite current and related in release numbers, I’d therefore presume there is still an active collaboration:


The answer will benefit community, knowing the truth about Jolla’s ties is better than guesses and suppositions.

As far as I understand Jolla finished direct contribution to the developement of Aurora OS in 2021 and onwards is not paid by OMP or other Russian companies.

How the answer will benefit Jolla I do not know, I have no understanding about big business communication strategies, when it should be maximally open, and when to be silent.