Status Volla Phone with SFOS


does anyone know more about the Volla Phone with SailfishOS than is in this video? Sound like a nice device that might be available soon. I hope that it would support newer Android versions than my Jolla C. If someone has some insights here please share!


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Actually I did not see any committment by Jolla to provide Android support at all. I think this is currently at the level of a community port.


@piggz is working on SailfishOS port for Volla phone.


A community port with Aliendalvik? It won’t come.

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For your info

Seems like they are still on schedule: Next month they start to deliver devices. I am quited excited about the first hands on. :slight_smile:

September Update: Production start and Software Release

I do not see a “more privacy” hardware than in any other phone. I am sceptical. Like the Cosmo Communicator companies keep advertising their device as “privacy concerned”, but leaving everything to the community.