Some perspective on the other side

You can find the sources in those two:


  • Callers especially when I turn on loudspeakers during a call complain about echo of their in own voice
  • Callers complain about Low voice Volume / Sometimes inaudible

Mine (same version) also has the same issue with low voice volume — “it sounds as if you’re on the other side of the room”. In noisy/windy conditions they simply cannot hear what I say.

Is having a very aggressive RAM management. Apps were being closed here and there. Sometimes even the keyboards are not loading. VPN apps being stopped. Spotify/ YouTube too, even though they are playing content.

This never happened with my Xperia 5 II. Camera and battery is an upgrade, but outside of that I’m not that impressed. :frowning:

I also moved from the Mark 2 to Mark 4 and have this issue. Apps are constantly being killed/paused in the background. Seems like every time I want to use an app I get splash screen and loading time. When I compare the two phones it’s super noticeable. Im lucky if apps are running after a few minutes without really doing anything on the IV while the II keeps a bunch of app running days later… The cameras are a clear improvement and my battery life is better. But otherwise I miss my old phone :frowning:

I’ve had better luck if I clear all apps before starting things I want to stay running in the background. This phone is insanely aggressive about killing things in the background and may have a bad/bugged internal app priority list.

Below 90% brightness 1 to 4 are black and 5 is way too bright already. Above 90% brightness 1 to 7 are black and 8 is a good grey almost black grey tone.

Mobile data/WiFi toggle I am still one of those people that constantly polices their antennas — only using Bluetooth, GPS, mobile, and WiFi when necessary.

I’ve noticed that when switching from mobile data to WiFi, if I toggle WiFi on first then turn mobile off, it will shut off both antennas.

When i’m in calls the proximity sensor works and makes the screen black, but it still reacts if i press the screen (even though the screen is black) and then during calls i press mute, close the call or open a random app… I’ve had the phone since launch, and i’ve updated it as soon as an new update is, and still same issue.

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I’ve actually have had that issues with many other phones, sporadically. I kinda just accepted it. As i thought it was Android thing.

My main gripe is that I have notification issues.

When I unlock the phone and there’s groups of notifications, Gmail or Reddit for example, normally from the notification, you can push the arrow on the right and it drops down and shows all the notifications for that app, but quite often, it messes up and only shows the latest notification and expanding it to show the others still works, but they’re all blank and I need to swipe the latest notification for that group away to get the rest to show.

Xperia 5 IV users, turn your adaptive battery off. It helps a lot with the app crashes and keyboard crashes. It significantly reduces the frequency of apps crashing out of nowhere.

Notification about ‘You can adjust image quality settings…’ never goes away.

Caller on other end can hear an echo of themselves periodically when I have them on speaker phone. There may be a correlation to this occurring when I have the phone app minimized (bubble) and doing something else on the phone.

Xperia 1 IV on A12 64.0.A.13.5. I’ve got the green tinted screen problem pretty bad. Anyone know if there is any confirmed software fix or is this strictly a hardware issue? I did the brightness - 100% + Extra Dim thing to help the color issue, but it should work perfectly oob given the price.

Hi, i switched to Sony 2 months ago and I’m very happy so far. But recently after the last update my calls have been driving me crazy.

After the last update while I’m on a call, the phone doesn’t get any audio and the person I’m talking to can’t hear me as well. This can happen 2-3 times during a 3 minute call and the only thing that gets the audio back is clicking the speakerbutton on and off.

Very annoying. Especially since it happens so often and I don’t know the reason. Anyone smarter than me think they can help or has the same issue?

I have the exact same problem as you, but with a Xperia 1 IV. I was hoping it would be solved with a factory reset, but no. Did you find a solution?

I just got the 1 IV, and have the call sound bug as well. People I call also mention I sound muffled.

Biggest issue: Internet (mobile data and wifi) suddenly, without explanation, cuts off. Can’t load web pages, can’t send or receive messages on Whatsapp etc. I can make calls and send texts, but neither mobile data or wifi works. This happens every week, and lasts everywhere from 10 minutes to hours. I’ve tried restart, force restart, shutting phone off and then restarting it. Nothing works. Internet connection will at some point pick up again and start working normally.

Initially I thought it was my VPN, but even without it the issue keeps coming up, so I’ve no idea what the problem is.

Another issue, annoying yet weird: Spotify keeps freezing and/or “logging me out”. It freezes, I close it and open it, and I’m met with the log-in screen. If I close it and open it again, I’m logged back in. Usually it takes a solid 5-10 seconds for me to be able to change songs because the old song keeps playing, and the whole app freezes.

I’ve had a ton of issues with apps freezing and crashing. Spotify is by far the worst one, though.

Also, when I have two apps open, say Firefox and Whatsapp, and if I switch from one to the other, they both close and the phone returns to the home screen. This doesn’t happen every time, but it happens nearly every time. So switching between apps that are open is a chore.

Phone will randomly cut out my voice while on phone calls using the phone by google app (default phone app). I can hear the other person, but they can’t hear me. Hanging up and redialing allows them to hear me again. Calls will last 40 seconds to 10 minutes before my audio cuts out. Connecting Bluetooth or wired headsets does not prevent the issue.

Headphones… Its ram management, coz sometimes the keyboard doest load, some apps won’t open as well

Xperia 1 IV (XQ-CT62), just updated OS to 64.1.A.0.860 and am now getting constant phone reboots while it’s locked and in my pocket. I’ve not witnessed it reboot in my hands during use, yet. Dual-SIM USA.

EDIT: the answer I believe is posted deep in thread:

I have been successful in only resetting my network settings and re-establishing my WiFi and Bluetooth settings and it’s not occurred since. I did not need to fiddle with developer options and all other options discussed in attempting to fix this are back to enabled.

Xperia 1 IV - XQ-CT51, dual. Build number: 64.0.A.8.82, EU

A list of bugs I’ve come across after using it for about two months:

  • System UI seems to hang at random times (in the background), prompting a message about it, asking if I want to terminate/close or wait. Everything else works normally and it doesn’t seem to stop normal functionality otherwise.
  • Touch stops working at random, very rare intervals, forcing me to lock and unlock the screen.
  • Experienced a completely green camera view in the camera app until I rebooted. Only happened once.
  • Wireless charging is iffy. Sometimes stops charging for no reason, despite being placed exactly where it has worked before. Might be due to my choice of charger. My charger of choice is a Zens 10W Slim-line

Multi-user setup is a disaster. Bugs related specifically to secondary users in a multi-user setup:

  • Swipe up gesture navigation almost never works if it is active when secondary user is switched to. Only way to leave apps is to side-swipe back. 3-button navigation is basically required.
  • 3-button navigation is also very inconsistent, very often hanging upon switching to a secondary user.
  • The area dedicated to the 3 buttons are also ignored by every app, making certain functions inaccessible because they’re “hidden” behind the 3 buttons.

These things have never happened on my primary user.

Since updating I’ve noticed audio goes out of sync from time to time especially on Bluetooth when it didn’t before

Lowest volume is so loud on this latest update.

Music apps shut down every after a few songs…

YM, Spotify, Audible etc.

Manly ram management issue

ew days after booting the Phone, the Camera app and the Video app (all Pro Apps) starts being laggy. But when I tried to open other apps for camera such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, the camera works fine.

My fingerprint sensor gone

My phone now randomly restarts itself several times a day and I can’t remember the last time there were any app updates…doing my head in!!

I’m a streamer and use my Phone for streaming. I got this phone specifically for this job, because of Sonys superior camera tech.

Since the update after exactly 3 hours streaming - the phone dims the screen and drops me off the stream.

I have reached out to Sony Technical Support who suggested I disabled bedtime mode.

I have done this and tweaked any setting relating to battery sleep, screen off, phone sleep in developer options - nothing has worked.

Ive tried using the Caffine app to keep the screen on - again this doesnt work either.

I have explained to Sony that using PC Companion to restore the system would mean re-registering around 20 financial apps and would take me best part of half to a full day.

At the moment regret buying a Sony phone - the softawre support is so far behind that of Apple and Samsung.

  • Swipe pattern seems a bit bigger than before

  • Wallpaper set on lock screen must be in HD / UHD, if lower resolution it will stretch out too much. This is not happening under A12

  • Whenever change wallpaper, it will also change color theme automatically. If rebooted, it will not remember previous color setup & revert back to brownish yellow.

    I have problem with calls. And I saw that when I swich to 3G there is no signal, but when I swich back to 4G and 5G I have signal. May network doesn’t have VOLTE so calls doesn’t work. After restarting the phone, everything is OK for about 6 days.
    I have problem with restarting. Phone restarts 2 times in a month.

This all started after Android 13 upgrade. I reset phone, no help. I repair software using Xperia Companion, no help. Is there any way to fix this? I don’t want to send it to repair service. But I will if it is last option.

curious if wifi connectivity issue is sorted in Android 13.

My 1tb micro SD card isn’t working anymore. I keep getting corrupt messages everytime I move files from computer to SD card and put it back in the phone.

Call via Bluetooth stops working unless I reboot the phone…not ideal

Hmm where do I start. Here’s a few I can remember.

Battery settings and app permissions reset after restart.

Terrible ram management. Can’t even listen to a podcast without it killing the app a billion times during a single episode.

120hz gets disabled randomly even during light web browsing and have to toggle it in the settings to re-enable.

I’ve had Xperia 1 iv for a month and want to throw it at a wall. Will be selling this for something else. Sony has been a huge let down, which is sad because I brought the phone to support them thinking it would be good and that they deserve a higher market share. But clearly not, they are extremely poor at fixing bugs and updating their software. Even their premium phones that are only 2 years haven’t even had security patches for like 6 months which is totally unacceptable from a company the size of Sony to say the least.