[Solved] No more sharing options since upgrade to 3.3

Ever since I upgraded my Xperia 3.3, the phone seems to have lost all sharing options. When I click on “Share” e.g. in Gallery, the list is empty and no option is shown. Previous to the upgrade, I would for example see Fernschreiber there and I would also expect to see a recently added Nextcloud account in that list. I have upgraded further to 3.4 in the meantime, but that has not changed the situation, so I assume that some configuration got botched somewhere during the update to 3.3. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

This has been discussed a lot, a search will lead you to a simple fix.

AFAIR it was caused by the share plugin of Nextcloud/Owncloud sync app that was incompatible with OS updgrade.

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Thank you - then I clearly did not search well enough. With your pointer, I did find this:

In my case, I had an old version of “owncloud-daemon” still installed, which caused this issue. Removing it brought back the sharing options.