SOCKS Proxy in Sailfish

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Luckily Sailfish has got a control to apply a general proxy system wide. But I cannot figure out how to set a socks proxy and not a https proxy.
Do you have any suggestions? Thx.

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redsocks comes to mind. The armhf version in Debian Buster works on Sailfish.

Setup is not for the faint at heart, though.

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I have just published an updated version of Privoxy on openrepos.

While the purpose of Privoxy is to act as a HTTP filtering proxy, you can configure it to do nothing and act as a bridge (forwarder) to a socks proxy. So you can use it with the global proxy option (which only supports http).

Also, the sailfish browser is based on Mozilla, and there are socks proxy parameters in prefs.js:

network.proxy.socks Used when application-specific proxy is not configured. Possibly affects other protocols
network.proxy.socks_version 5 (default)
4 Protocol version to use when speaking with the SOCKS server
network.proxy.socks_remote_dns false (default)
true If SOCKS 5 is specified, then DNS lookups can be performed on the SOCK proxy server. This flag controls whether lookups are done locally or on the SOCKS server. Note: SOCKS 4 servers do not support DNS lookups.

I haven’t tried that tough.

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Doesn’t that take a heavy toll on network performance? Good idea though, I used privoxy years ago in my first BSD installation and was very happy :smirk:

Well, it’s a tradeoff. Loading ads and scripts also takes a toll on network performance, as well as CPU… the modern web is heavy :wink:
One will have to test and see…

I usually block ads and some scripts via hosts file (using Steven Black’s
fantastic collection available for free here), something I would definitely recommend others to do as well.

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