Smart watch/wearables

Hello everyone.
Does anyone know if there is any new development in smart watch compatibility with sailfish OS

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Hi @ltrxphn and welcome on SF OS Forums!

Have you already seen the discussion Looking for SFOS3 compatible watch on the old forum?

Its not directly SFOS, but another free and open source Android alternative, and it looks quite promising. Otherwise there is Pinetime, but the hardware does really allow real os to run on it

Unfortunately, there is still no working syncing app for asteroidos in SFOS. In the past the development of its “starfish” client (bad naming since there is an unrelated app with the same name) was stopped due to missing crucial features in the Bluetooth stack.
There was a change in the system with the 3.1 update I think, but nobody could tell me if this resolved the issue for starfish, and I guess the asteroidos developers probably aren’t aware of it.

No I haven’t . Thank you.
I guess no wear os watches then.

Amazfish is available on Openrepos :

It supports Amazfit smarwatches, including the Bip, GTS, some MiBand.

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