Small Design Flaw in Lockscreen PINPAD-Page

REPRODUCIBILITY: 100% (always)
HARDWARE: Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact - h8314 - h8314 - - aarch64
UI LANGUAGE: Deutsch (user: de_DE, os: de_DE.utf8)


Call Icon is very close/near to the Message “Passe deine Handhaltung an”


Sailfish Unit with 18:9 Display (1080x2160)


  1. Set/Add a Quicklaunch-App in Preferences for Lockscreen
  2. Lock Smartphone
  3. Unlock Smartphone with Power-Key
  4. Place the Finger wrong on the Fingerprint-Sensor
  5. Profit (Message appear)


Bigger Space between the Elements


Call Icon Touch the Text


  • Patchmanager: yes
  • OpenRepos: yes
  • Chum: yes
  • Other: no:


Device Owner User: defaultuser
Home Encryption: not supported

Font-Size setting is set to normal

the initial version of this bug report was created using Bugger 0.9.8+git1

Wow! Arguably the design flaw is in the German language… :sweat_smile:

Edit: on a more serious note…
I cannot reproduce having three instruction messages. What does it look like in English? Have you turned up the font size? Have you modified something related?


The problem is present in French too, but on another page.

So its kind of a Linebreak-Bug?

No, all Stock Community-Port and the zyppered updates OTA to

Still… how do you get three instructions? I can’t seem to get anything corresponding to the middle one.
And what does it look like in English?

Also… i don’t think this is the place to bug-report community stuff - maybe the author could just turn down the font size to something that makes the design match the DPI?

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The middle one is Unlock to access shortcut as it is described here.

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You have to setup Quicklaunch-Shortcut in the Preferences of Lockscreen. Add at least one Entry.

Here is Swedish on 21:9 on an official port, for reference.
Looks like you have a port-specific font misconfig to me.

And in Norwegian, but I do not see the equivalent “Passe deine” text in my language.

Unlock to access shortcut — Entsperren, um auf die Verknüpfung zuzugreifen
Unlock to access shortcut — Lås opp for å få tilgang til snarvei
is not used on my phone

This is when I pull down to launch the app Browser from the lock screen
EDIT: Using a 10 III

Yor posted Screenshots here looks all like 21:9 screen ratio, so more screen height availble for text and spacer. Even with big font setting you will never face this problem.

I will try to reproduce it on our 16:9 Devices XA2 and X Compact.

XA2 and X Compact doesn’t have the Wordwrap of “Sicherheitscode Eingeben”, just in one line, so no Problems there.

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Would you also like people from the community to no longer communicate their efforts, the software they make and the bugs they find in jolla software? Sheesh.

This call icon is out of place (design wise) no matter how close or not is in the message.

It either needs a redesign or the function to be hidden in a pulley.

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Und das ist sperrig :wink: How do I set up a Quicklaunch Shortcut in German? By chance, the one stock device with license and foo I have is a 10ii.

Is it the ‘Schneller Zugriff auf Ereignisse’ setting? And who translated that if that be the case.

Ok, I think I got it. Set up email, lock screen, pull down to check emails, wrong finger and I just get ‘Sicherheitscode eingeben’ + ‘Fingerabruck nicht erkannt’. What have I done wrong!

Also… i don’t think this is the place to bug-report community stuff

Why not?
I think the Community-Port doesn´t alter the QML-Designs of SailfishOS, so it may be for interest to know that there can happen Design-Bugs with certain Aspect-Ratios/Languages.

  • maybe the author could just turn down the font size to something that makes the design match the DPI?

The Community-Port and in general my two other officiall Sailfish-Licenses were shipped out with Fontsize set to normal.

So i think its important to know the Design will look correct in any Language at any Font-Size at any Device and Aspect-Ratio-Display & Resolution (16:9, 18:9, 21:9).

This are so small things that damaged the great whole SailfishOS-UI-Design-Experience, which at least pull me to this nice mobile OS.

Not at all! I’d like to see more ports discussed on the forum if anything.

But what i think is counterproductive to mix community port bug reports with ones that are aimed directly at Jolla. (And if this was purposefully aimed at Jolla, i think that is inaccurate too - to be continued, and i could turn out to be wrong)


  • Not all porters are active here
  • Most porters have bug trackers on github/lab for the respective ports
  • No porter would like to sift through all the regular bug reports to find “theirs”
  • I.e. chances are that they will go completely unnoticed
  • Jolla and an the Bug Report Team does not want the added reports to sift through

Supporting evidence:

Sorry, I don’t understand. The components in question have nothing to do with ports and originate from packages that come for Jolla. This is not a ‘community port bug report’. It is a jolla provided component. The translations, I can’t speak for…

I’ve recently spent a LOT of time debugging issues which there have been ‘some indication’ there might be a port issue, only to discover, nothing of the sort. But I spend double the time since I check on my preferred (and better) devcies first and confirm my suspicions on the 10ii. That burden I’m happy to take on to make certain I’m:

  1. not delivering software that only runs on my device
  2. not wasting other peoples time in debugging should it be port related.

That did NOT prevent me from posting a bug report upstream only to retract it a couple of days later because the bug was in Jolla’s code. So. It doesn’t matter to what elaborate measures I go, there will be triage. And, frankly, I resent the ‘in crowd’ sentiments with hand waving in the direction of private repositories.

@pherjung and @thigg are doing a damn fine job sorting out what is and is not a bug that should be tracked.


That’s what is known as a cheap shot. If you had actually looked at the repo, you would have noted that I had already posted 2 bug reports there.

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I post Bug-Reports where i think they belong (Github, Here…etc).
Please someone official can verify this.