Small Design Flaw in Lockscreen PINPAD-Page

I’ll try to distill down my reasoning:

This looks like the font size has somehow gotten humongous (as opposed to the padding being completely out of whack for example).
My understanding is that porters set (or can change) this system-wide multiplier, and that it should probably be reconsidered. Very understandable to overcompensate a bit for the small screen.

Surely Sailfish mistaking this for 16:9 would make it fit better, not worse.
And if it was instead treating it as 21:9, there is still more than enough space just in the middle padding for this to fit.

The very likely unintended linebreak supports this.

I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but i just don’t see it shaking out any other way.
I’ll butt out now. Hope you get it fixed either way.

Anyone can change those settings but it is precisely this supposition that led me upon a wild goose chase.

The bug report from @pawel.spoon mentioned by @attah, and which @piggz wished to see reported elsewhere was made in Devices. Now, I see that as being discrete from ‘bugs’ per se. And not a ‘Sony devices only’ category. In any case, it was clearly noted what device was in question. That Jolla can disregard this is a given!

Incorrect. It was moved.

I’m unable to get these messages on my X10 II. Can someone else confirm? Is it possible that messages get truncated if the screen is smaller?