Should Jolla focus and give maintance to Fairphones too?

I just wanna open here a kind of doodle about who thinks that will be great and possible to cocreate with Fairphone to maintane their devices with SailfishOS.

If you think that is a good idea, click in the heart and we will see how big is the interest from the community.


Unless Fairphone pays Jolla to support the phone this is not going to happen.


Please, be kind and not open a debat about things that the game is not about.

Its not a debate about something. You are just in the wrong place if you want to get Jolla to support SFOS on the fairphone. You should do this in the Fairphone forums. And then Fairphone has to contact jolla to have it on the phones officially.



Possible duplicate?, at least related?; Support for official Fairphone 3+ port - FairSail -


To get an at least half-way decent poll it should have options, and well… be a poll. (possibly including conditionals)
At least until then i can’t help to agree with @Edz that this doesn’t add much from the original thread(s).

I too say no. Because unless Fairphone would be a better choice for the reasons Sony is a good choice; and still have its set of benefits - it is just trading one set of advantages for another, not actually getting anywhere.

People seem to somehow attribute near-magical properties to how good a Fairphone port would be, but as of yet nobody has backed it up with sources (or even half-decent reasoning). Until that happens, and it turns out to be true; it is a nice phone/concept, but not that nice.


I disagree. This It is Jolla who is selling something it’s their damn job try sell it too Fairphone. But of course we also could help jolla make this happen. But so far they seems to do nothing to make this happen and that is for me crazy because both companies are in EU and they could help each other success as an European alternative to other big non european companies/OS’es. Also I am sure they could get money from EU because I know EU has discussed about make our own OS’s in EU and not lock people in the android/iphone.

But as long as marketing department at Jolla doing nothing it will not happen. And it is indeed sad.

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Can we please come back to the main point. GIve a heart if you think yes. Dont write anything if you disagree. Thanks for trying

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Demanding that people agree or stay silent is quite presumptuous.


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I guess you misinterpreted?

Please read again:

Which I read as “don’t” or “do not”.
And followed by a nothing equals to:



A better idea would be to not use double negatives.

My opinion is a simple one: Jolla should be making an effort to reach out to as many companies as are viable, and strike up compelling deals. They’ve started the ball rolling by licensing out Myriad Group’s Alien Dalvik, but that’s just a hypervisor for Android ultimately that can run on any OS. Sailfish is their brainchild, and Sony’s the only one they’ve been consistent to trust.

But it comes back to who’s hand is reaching out. Jolla’s lines are open, so it’s up to Fairphone to reach out, and get official support. And that would absolutely come back to the consumer, either inadvertently or directly. The extra cost writing contracts and employing technicians to optimize the hardware and software for each other, legal fees to notarize, that would drive up the cost of everything they offer if they aren’t willing to eat the loss, and I’m sure Fairphone is running under strict margins, especially in the era of COVID manufacturing. And if not just that, they might still charge a “Sailfish OS license” fee for buyers who want SFOS on their shiny new Fairphone 3+. Still, the option would be great.

Large companies like Lenovo and Dell offer Linux or Windows for a few of their machines, and there’s the companies focusing on it like Pine64, or System76. And we’ve had a few discussions of Pine64 and the Pinephone for community ports as well. The difference being that a few of these are large companies with enough customers who are clearly asking to have the official support, and are paying large sums via contracts, to have the option.

Fairphone needs to reach out. Plain and simple. If they don’t wanna pay for it, then it won’t happen.


I didnt know that Fairphone pay to Ubuntu Touch. Interesting. Thanks for your information.