Short Volla Report

Hi! I just wanted to report that the 3.4 SFOS release works well with the Volla phone. Some aps which haven’t been updated recently (Fahrplan, for instance) segfault, but most things work as expected. I mean that in the sense of comparable to my experience running the Jolla phone.

What’s missing from the hardware support front is, in the main, the camera. It’s clear you’re only using one camera and that’s qualitatively inferior to android.

Still, everything else works as you’d expect.

I’m going to use the device daily and try to fix a couple of apps (Fahrplan, for instance :slight_smile: ). And get my Fairphone2 working again.


And recompiling Fahrplan for 3.4 (without other changes) worked. Only the german backend ( was active, but it’s a start!