SFOS on Android 10 with Sony Xperia 10, dual SIM i4113

With a little luck I was able to get my hands on an i4113 to toy with.
However, checking the installation instructions it says to downgrade to Android 9 before installing.
I am not entirely sure and can’t find it again, but I think I read it somewhere- isn’t it with Android10 working on this device too?

Please use search before posting a new question. Maybe https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/xperia-x10-android-10-downgrade-to-9-neccessary/1462 gives you enough information?

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Yes, I did search as said and no, I did not find this topic + this topic is rather old and does not state if there have been any changes regarding that meanwhile.
Thanks for linking though.

See also point 5 section 1.1 of olf (Olf0) (Olf0) / SailfishX on Xperias · GitLab


worked like a charm.
The link to the Emma tool is invalid though (same for the link in the official SFOS install instructions) and the “xperiafirmware. com/ bootloader” link is forwarded to some dubious adblocker, you may want to check this.
Either way, thanks a lot!

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