SFOS Forum Viewer - feedback thread

I don’t believe the forum supports polls, so it will probably strawpollmes, but here’s an idea:
New icon

I’m a shit artist so have no idea if it looks better or worse, so lets have a listen to the broader audience, is it better?
(also I guess post your features-requests, just keep in mind until 1.0 it is a viewer, IF we can bridge the OAuth barrier it might become a real forum client, so posting/commenting/notifications and similar are for now out of scope)
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Poll like this?
Do you like current icon?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks so much! I just assumed it was a forum, but hell yeah, this is nice

It’s behind Gear icon.

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Just for reference, current icon is on the left, proposed variants are on the right:

Personally, I prefer the first proposed variant (with colored dots).


While it looks good, I think it looks more like general chatting app logo than an app logo for SFOS forum. Maybe the one with sailfish logo, but use different colors of the background within the logo and it’s edges (similar way as in the current logo).

First variant for me too, looks perfect.

First proposed variant (with colored dots) is best option, no doubt.

Like @Sefriol mentioned, the first variant looks more like a chat. Can we use the icon available in the below Jolla blog post.

Then, it’s possible to use something like original Discourse logo:

First two variants are using original Discourse color palette.


For SFOS forum only app definetly last one. In case app some day evolves to general Discourse app, third one is most fitting.


The SFOS logo is a trademark so you probably shouldn’t use it on an icon unless you are permitted to.

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first and third of @dseight’s collection are quite nice. Though they might depict a image editing tool aswell.
I’ll never understand which Sailfish icons deserve zero corners, one corner, two corners, or three: Is there any rule in icon outline shapes? And why don’t covers have the shapes of their icons?

Nope, there is no any rule on this. It’s up to designer to choose which corners should be sharp or rounded.

As for me, there are couple of reasons:

  • round corner will take a lot of space, that isn’t good for cover which is already quite small
  • it will look really weird

Second reason is way too subjective, but here is the example:

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looks weird but nice… quite unlike indeed. Now if those covers where square shapes not rectangles, their shapes would become even more recognizable. And quite empty as covers are usually, a bit smaller would not matter at all.

Last two (third and fourth in row) fore sure!
I would go for the one without the logo (to prevent issues with trademark rights)

Last two have nice color palette for Sailfish. Last one might have too many colors going on when it kinda fits in the second one. Little alteration could improve so that it seems like it’s part of the logo and not something that was dropped in it.

I am not really good with photo editing, but here is a fast implementation (I filled the logo with blue, but it could also work without):


Or something similar.

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Can anyone comment on using sfos icon? It’s the default one when you don’t have an icon so not sure they can chase you from using their default to: using their trademarked one, tough luck? I mean sure they could, but would they?
In case it’s not clear what I’m talking about:

The SFOS logo is a trademark so you probably shouldn’t use it on an icon unless you are permitted to.

IF it’s by default not permitted to, then surely default icon in SDK etc wouldn’t have sfos logo plastered right on top?
This is the default icon we end up with:

‘I’m sorry we provide it in sdk, but you also cannot use it because of copyright reasons’

I have only one thing to say: Make up your freaking mind as some people are already using whatever you allowed previously and don’t care about current ‘re-statement’ as they are done and dusted, others are in between and also will not give a F… but ApB’s got a point, we’re all abusing jolla/sfos

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Any idea why they would include it in the templates of icons then? Entrapment?

17:13… it seems not really that big but it started from 2:5… I’m gonna have to ask my current artist… Really would prefer to skip that… but hey vox populi
(edit: if you have experience in this shit pls share, I’d love to hear that)