Sfos and jolla's situation

hey i tried to find info on jolla and sfos but couldn’t fined anything what i’m looking for are this questions :
1- what is the situation of sfos in terms of bugs issues you may have ?
how big is the user base hundreds , thousand … etc
from what i can tell allot of people have some issues

2- what is the situation for jolla ?
how many employees do they have at jolla ?
what is there financial situation like ?

3- why did huawei not use sfos as there main os is it because of the os it self or because other factors ?

am asking because from what i found most articles the say the sailfish os project has failed
what do you think about this ?
let me know because i’m interested in knowing more about sfos .
and thanks


I can only drop a few words on the first question, as I don’t know much about jolla from business perspective. I am using sfos since the emergence of 4.x line and am very happy. I have even converted a few non tech family members to drop android, and they are also perfectly satisfied and prefers the user interface when compared to previous android smartphone. Bugs are present I cannot deny, but mostly they are minor and gets fixed from release to release. Jolla team really takes care of the issues reported by the community and if you properly report one yourself, you can be mostly sure it is going to be resolved. My general experience is that not all bugs you can read about on forums is related to all devices and configurations - reading the forums with those complaints, can give you a false perspective. It is best to give it a try even without a paid license and see for yourself if it fits your needs. As a end user I can conclude, sailfish os is a successfull product and it is not only far from dead, it is my hope for the better future of mobile os market.


ok thanks i will be sure to try it

I’m on SFOS since version 3.3.0.?? (abt. 3 1/2 years) and I can confirm that SFOS get better and better with every update. I’m happy with it, have basic apps, a beautiful UI, and my peace from aggressive advertising etc. . Also it’s possible to modify design and behavior of the UI by small tweaks (I did some successfully with the help of this nice community). Some Android apps (Banking app) also working fine with Alien Dalvik.

But to be honest, I had also situations where I had to search for hours to fix something or had to reflash the device because I damaged the system by some experiments.

So always backup your data on SD card, cloud or computer.

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ok thanks when i try it out i will be sure to backup the data

I’ve been using Sailfish OS as a daily driver since version 1.1.4 “Äijäpäivänjärvi”. Not a single bug has been a deal breaker for me. This forum (and the predecessor TJC) contains a lot of bug reports and complaints, and that might give SFOS a bad impression of usability. People usually don’t tell what works.

I don’t know who can tell how big the user base is, but to my understanding about 40 thousand Jolla 1 phones were sold. So that gives an idea how many users there can be.

If that is public information, surely you can Google it.

Why don’t you email Huawei and ask? Let us know then.


ok thanks
the info about jolla that i found were only some blogs and reports from 2016 and 2018 that they have about 50 employees and that they started to make some money but didn’t fined any thing regarding the pandemic or after so i asked

and about Huawei what i found was that the gave up on sfos because of the lack of apps
but wanted to make sure
but i will send them an email soon and see what i can find .

SfOS is a reliable OS for daily use, and in case of missing apps you can still install the android app.
Regarding Huwai - it’s Chinese crap and I wouldn’t bet anything on it regarding security. It’s the best to keep them away from SfOS as far as possible.


If searched inthe internet, but was not successful…
[Edit: blog: sailfish-users in 2019]

1 - It would be interesting to get some information, e.g. how many Sailfish OS licenses have been sold in 2020, 2021, 2022.

2 - Are there official information, how many employees there are in 2022?

In my opinion Jolla could be more successful, if it would sell himself pre-installed phones, like Murena. Murena even sells refurbished smartphones with its OS, which is another attractive feature.

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yeah i tried finding any info from 2020 and later couldn’t find any thing new
1- yeah it would be interesting to know this info and the whole userbase of sfos

2- no all i found on the web where old reports and interviews in 2016 stating the had 50

and regarding your that sfos sells pre-installed phones i think the tried but most smartphone manufacturers have an agreement with google to not sell any of there phones with another os

so either the sell their phones with android and no other os or the sell their phones with sfos and no android
that’s why most manufacturers didn’t agree to sell phones with sfos on sony agreed on the open phone deal so if people want to install sfos the can get the drivers straight from sony and install sfos ( i haven’t read the agreement only news articles )

and yeah it would be interesting to know their financial situation and see if they will make their own devices

and for murena selling refurbished smartphone with their os i believe the os the use is /e/ which is based on android so they can make it compatible with most smartphones because they run android

for sfos i’m not sure how hard it is to get it working 100 % on other phones
hopefully we can get more info soon

edit: thanks for the link i wasn’t aware of it

thanks thats what i’m thinking too but if the user base is too small it will lose any agreement with any company and if the user base gets to big it will gain unwanted attention attackers , viruses ,
non trust worthy companies that sort of a thing
so i’m glad they canceled the deals with most chines companies and government
but if gets attention from other government it may be bad for the os

governments get hacked quiet often this past years

and i will be sure to give it a try

I wrote an email to jolla to get some infomations …

ok i was looking for their email but didn’t find
where did you find it could you let me know
let me know if they replay


125 employes in 2015: Wikipedia (german)

thanks for the links
this article
says the have 50 i’m not sure if the interview was before 2018 the year this article was published or not do you know ?

I don’t expect that sailfishOS runs on many different hardware types. But if jolla would concentrate, let’s say on the two current devices (Xperia 10 III and 10 II), that would be a beginning. They could buy perhaps returns of big companies or B-ware of these two modells and set up sailfishOS for sale. There are some consumers who are put off by flashing or simply can’t do it.

I only partly agree with that. Sure, it would be great if Jolla would do something like that, because you can by these phones for beginners and people who don’t know much technical stuff. However, I don’t know if Jolla would be more successfull then, because a) if people don’t know about SailfishOS, even if there are pre-installed devices, they obviously won’t by it. And if someone doesn’t find about Jolla by accident, most people would probably never know that it exists. And b) the majority of people doesn’t care about the OS, they care about features (both hardware and software) and maybe smartphone brand (like Apple, Samsung,…). If nothing bad happens to Android (like less Apps or a big scandal), and SailfishOS doesn’t bring (big) advantages over Android, there is no reason for the majority of people to buy it.

I agree that this is a HUGE problem. But you can work around that problem by redirecting consumers to buy.jolla-devices.com

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Consider the following: People at work or private friends, which are interested in a jolla phone, because they have seen my sailfishOS phone. They don’t trust the data of Google or Apple.
But I don’t want to be responsible to flash their phones and be responsible for future problems.

So many of the jolla-users have friends / acquaintances, which would perhaps start with sailfishOS, if the beginning would be as simple as buying a pre-installed phone ;-).
Thanks for the link, I’ll spread it to intererested people.

They failed to make it big.

Around the year 2012 there were many emerging phone platforms, some in the form of Linux, some others. Jolla was planning to become quite big with their “unlike” marketing and based on the promise that the Nokia N9 was.
The market did turn into a duopoly of Android and Apple with no real space for a third ecosystem.
The “failed” statement is about having failed to make it big. In that sense all other platforms failed and even desktop Linux can be looked at as failed.
Even if it didn’t make it big, it still keeps chugging along and is a usable choice. If you don’t mind that there is less than 3% marketshare it is still there to use.

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Oh, I have never thought about that. I’m so used to doing every IT-stuff for my family. I have successfully convinced my younger brother to use SailfishOS, but as always in our family, I have done the flashing work. But I can understand why you wouldn’t want to be responsible