SFOS 4.5 feedback thread


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ok, so here’s first issue:

First: thank you for the update! It went smoothly on the 10 III and XA2+ without problems. Now search engine Qwant has a dark mode.
All icons got a Sailfish shape, even the FDroid ones. The colours are brighter and the device works snappier. Calendar has more functions.
To my regret nothing has changed concerning the echo cancellation. The other still hears echoing his/her voice. This disappears only with speaker on. I wished Jolla had checked this before they decided to adapt Sailfish to the 10 III.


X10II: update went well, on surface.

Android icons

  • took like 2 min at least to rebuild
  • had forgotten all their folder homes

Wow, Android apps have transitions and animations working now. Looks very good.

I’m very interested in X10III owners experience: are glitches fixed, can I transition from II for daily driver?


  • Bluetooth won’t turn on at all.
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM bluebinder[10954]: Turning b
luetooth on
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM bluetoothd[10926]: bluetooth
d[10926]: plugins/jolla-dbus-access.c:jolla_dbus_access_check()
known busname ':1.17' has gid 0
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM bluetoothd[10926]: bluetooth
d[10926]: plugins/jolla-dbus-access.c:gid_is_authorized() gid 0
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM bluetoothd[10926]: bluetooth
d[10926]: plugins/jolla-dbus-access.c:jolla_dbus_access_check()
allowing access for known busname ':1.17', pending 3
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM bluetoothd[10926]: plugins/j
olla-dbus-access.c:jolla_dbus_access_check() known busname ':1.
17' has gid 0
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM bluetoothd[10926]: plugins/j
olla-dbus-access.c:gid_is_authorized() gid 0 allowed.
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM bluetoothd[10926]: plugins/j
olla-dbus-access.c:jolla_dbus_access_check() allowing access fo
r known busname ':1.17', pending 3
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM kernel: bt_ioctl: BT_CMD_PWR
_CTRL pwr_cntrl:0
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM kernel: bt_ioctl: BT chip st
ate is already :0 no change d
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM kernel: bt_ioctl: BT_CMD_PWR
_CTRL pwr_cntrl:1
Feb 03 05:57:02 Xperia10II-DualSIM connmand[5291]: Bluetooth de
vice /org/bluez/hci0 not enabled
Feb 03 05:57:03 Xperia10II-DualSIM kernel: bt_ioctl: BT_CMD_CHI
P_VERS soc_version:40020140
Feb 03 05:57:04 Xperia10II-DualSIM bluebinder[10954]: Bluetooth
binder initialized successfully

EDIT solved by cold reboot! Warm boots didn’t work.

  • Browser doesn’t have predictive text choices in textareas - for example writing this. Predictive works fine in Android apps.

What a massive Update! I am impressed! :+1:

This is one of my Favorite Fix:
Eliminated excessive CPU usage (by oFono) after disconnecting a Bluetooth headset

Because i am dealing with three different Bluetooth-Audio-Devices (Private Headphone, Company Headset, Private Car-Stereo) and this occur quite often when the device turn warm in the pocket in most of the time ofono-daemon was climbing to the top CPU eating processes.

This happens when i leave our Workhall (where my Smartphone is located) to our Secretarial-Building and still have my Headphones connected.


Wow! What an update! Many good things to enjoy of! Thank you!
Update went smoothly and fast (X10III)

At notifications screen; when starting Signal (android), app gives notification “Background connection established”. Now in this notification cannot be dismissed anymore. Dismiss button is greyed out. (other notifications are still possible to dismiss but not this)

New calendar buttons “month - week - day” are not very nice in my humble opinion. Atleast not the placing of them. It’s quite thumb demanding task to select buttons if phone is in one hand… it would have been consistent if swipes would have been used (as in Phone app, Clock app and so on).
(I know…horizontal swipes are already used for scrolling calendar… but like this it is not optimal …in my opinion)

When in week view and landscape mode; huge amount of screen real estate is given to the buttons and day numbers. With simple organization of buttons and day numbers there could be a lot more space for the calendar itself.

Thanks a lot for this update that tries to address so many issues. Anyone already tried mobile hotspot on Xperia 10 III?
What happened to Chum? The icon disappeared during updating my testing device Xperia 10 II, and when trying to re-install from Openrepos, nothing happens.


I note Sailfish still doesn’t indicate when the update is early access (though I didn’t try installing it). Good way to break newcomers’ devices.
Does the implementation of the Vulcan API excite anyone?

It’s in the first lines of Release notes.

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They’re not even vaguely obvious at any point in the upgrade process.

Open settings of Signal from Sailfish’s settings and under Notifications, disable Background connection.


You can’t get the early access releases without explicitly signing up for them through your Jolla user profile on account.jolla.com.


Good to know but still, Early Access should be prominently displayed in the Update Settings menu option and not trigger notificattions.

It kind of is, on the page where it is enabled and if you do so you probably know what you are doing, and if not there is a good warning:

The early releases are mainly intended for developers, and the screening of potential critical issues with new releases before publishing to the wider audience.


But why? People sign up for early access because they want to get the newest release as soon as possible, so not triggering notifications would be strange. Not to mention the update notification has never made any sound in the first place (despite there being an unused update notification sound in the OS). Showing an ‘Early Access’ banned on the update screen would admittedly be a nice bit of visual flair, but it would only solve a non-existent problem.

The first release after many months is always an EA release and as @nthn wrote, this update isn’t visible to non EA users. In present state, a phone says ‘no update available’ if someone on checks for version update and has not explicitly subscribed for EA releases (this requires also an extra registration at Jolla/Sailfish homepage) AND has set the phone to EA updates in Settings/developer tools. So it can’t happen accidentally to some innocent newbie.

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You and I have very different definitions of “prominent” then.

Why? Because roughly a tenth of the main users of the forum installed it and now have problems. God forbid SF OS ever gets more popular. It’s also design 101.
Anyway, I mostly wrote the original comment to bump the thread and because I told Steve he shouldn’t install an Early Access release.

Update went quite smoothly. After the OS installed, I note my device rebooted itself twice but succeeded in booting.

My Whatsapp UI had inverted colours (Here Maps too), no idea why, but thanks to forum member @pherjung, I was able to fix the problem. Timezone issues still exist though.

How long it takes after the full bar of update progress has gone through until the device reboots.

Or, do I just press the power button to forcefully reboot the device.

(I recall I had to do something similar when I flashed Sailfish OS to the device)

Does Partnerspace still work in 4.5?

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